Imagine having a plumber come to your home to fix a link under the sink.  While he is there, you ask him to fix a drippy faucet.  When the bill comes you tell him you are only paying him for one thing because he wa there anyway.

Now picture enlisting the services of an attorney.  He works hard to present your case.  You tell him to please represent your partners as well.  When he submits a bill for his services, you tell him you are only going to pay for representing you.  After all, he was already in court- no extra trip.

Preposterous you say?  Well, that is precisely what insurance companies do to physicians.  The time spent for services rendered doesn’t matter.  The difficulty of the procedures doesn’t matter.  You were “there anyway”.  This is called BUNDLING.  

In the effort to keep healthcare costs down, this is a great gimmick!  Would any other profession or vocation accept this practice?