Over the last week, I had the opportunity to travel through  seven states.

The scenery was beautiful-lots of greenery, with a burst of colors from wild poppies and other wild flowers in bright yellows,purples  and deep reds.  Magnolias were in bloom with fistful- sized blooms.

As we were riding, my mind wandered to people in overcrowded cities.  Not the ones who love being there for cities hold their own exciting vitality and there are people who truly thrive on this.  I was thinking of those who never see or enjoy  the beauty around them-who complain about overcrowding and are unhappy about ventolin online bestellen their living conditions.

Why, one would think, wouldn’t they pick themselves up and relocate when there really are so many beautiful large tracts around?  They have but to take the first steps but don’t or can’t.  They are “stuck in sameness.”  It brings to mind the saying: “the only difference between being in a rut and a grave is the depth”.

This mentality can be compared to those who are in dead-end jobs where it is easier to show up each day and complain about it than to “make the move”.

Just as well.  Otherwise, everyone would be a copywriter!