The most successful way to sell or promote a product is to make it invisible.


A promotion for a product will be highly successful if you follow the rule of transparency.  That means, instead of harping on the features of a product and what it looks like, make it recede into the background.  Instead, promote the benefits a buyer will obtain or the benefits that the buyer perceives and desires.

A good example of this can be seen with luxury car commercials.

The car pulls into a lot and is immediately surrounded by a bevy of sexy women.  The inference is that if you own that ventolin generic name and trade name car, you will be sexy and desired.

Even you are subject to such inferences.  When you see a private limo passing by, you automatically wonder if there is a celebrity in the vehicle.  

Estee Lauder was a master of the law of transparency.  She didn’t sell cosmetics.  She sold beauty.  For a purchase and application of the pot of creams, the buyer would be desired and glamorous.

People buy things because of how it makes them feel- important, wealthy, sexy, smart.

If you can make your product transform the way people feel, your promotion is bound for success!