There are many prostate cancers that are picked up by examination.  Yet many rely on going to the lab for a PSA (prostate specific antigen) alone.  While this blood test is essential for men over 50, it is not the only parameter for diagnosis.  PSA can be falsely elevated.  Inflammation or hypertrophy (enlargement) can cause a rise in the values.  So, more testing is done.  But what about the false negatives?   An abnormal prostate can be palpated- if you submit to an examination.


Breast cancers are only buy ventolin supermarket detected by mammography 85% of the time.  While it is important to have a mammography performed after the age of 40, it is crucial for a physical examination- both by oneself and by a physician.  Many breast cancers are palpated before it is picked up by xrays.  Those malignancies that originate in the ducts, may not be seen on film at all.


So, are you going to depend on lab machinery for your health?

Go for a thorough physical examination.  How do you feel?