This article was written by Rob Novit and corroborates an earlier blog of mine regarding health coverage supplied by employers after Obamacare is in full swing.

Graham: National Health Reform Must Be Amended

The national heath care reform legislation approved 10 months ago on a party-line vote took the wrong path and must be substantially amended, said Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., Tuesday.

Speaking at the RCS Corporation in Aiken, Graham and RCS president Carlos Garcia blasted “Obamacare” for its projected costs to businesses and state governments.

“If it’s fully implemented by 2014, 80 percent of Americans will be on some form of government health care. That will create more debt at the federal level, less choice for patients and higher costs for business,” Graham said. “Medicare will be reduced by $500 million to provide health care for uninsured people, and we shouldn’t expand one while cutting Medicare Advantage, which allows people to expand their coverage.”

Large companies are considering ending their health care for employees because the mandates are so onerous, Graham said. The second largest expense in South Carolina is the funding to match Medicaid. If health care reform continues in its current configuration, Graham said, it will cost $1 billion in matching funds over the next seven years, requiring either higher taxes or reduced spending in education and other needs.

RCS Corporation has seen significant growth over the years, Garcia said, but health care reform will add $1 million to its federal tax bill.

“It will result in higher costs, higher prices for customers, lower revenue and fewer jobs in Aiken,” Garcia said.

Graham brought a poster-sized petition against the legislation and plans to take it to the Senate floor and share it with colleagues.

He wants changes in the measure to allow South Carolina and other states to opt out of employer recruitments, mandates for individuals to have insurance and the Medicaid expansion.
It is only a matter of time (in the very near future) when it is mandatory for employers to pay a fine or supply healthcare coverage, they will gladly pay the fine which is substantially less money.

This will leave us with dramatically more uninsured citizens than ever was measured to draft the healthcare reform bill in the first place!