It is tragic that a brilliant man (and mind) like Steve Jobs should be struck down in the prime of his life.  And yet he is leaving us with a brilliant legacy which is reforming how we think and perform every minute of every day.

The electronic usage and digitalization of medical records and even the operations of hospitals and medical facilities owe him a debt of gratitude.  For who now uses the DOS system?  It is because he made “drag” and “click” a part of our lives and our every day parlance.

Physicians are being required to have digital medical records and demonstrate meaningful use.  Because of this, one out of every 5 IPads buy cat inhalers that went on sale was purchased for a physician’s office or medical facility.  It is Steve Jobs that made this possible.

Doctors and healthcare providers enjoy the smart functionality which explains the popularity in medical offices today. The larger electronic health vendors all designed systems that are compatible with Apple, recognizing the company for its popularity and utility.

Wall Street Journal technology columnist Walt Mossberg wrote about Jobs that, “the dominant tone he struck was optimism and certainty.” I certainly hope that we can maintain this attitude moving forward now that he’s gone.

Rest in Peace Steve Jobs and an Eternal Thank You.