Now that President Obama has revealed his latest healthcare proposals for  reform, it is left out in the open for criticism and vulnerability to Republican scrutiny. (and it will get just that, undoubtedly)

Perhaps, as has been stated before, baby steps are needed before trying to accomplish a complete package of mammoth proportions.

Certain aspects of the bill are without reproach.  Everyone feels that individuals with pre-existing conditions should not  be turned away from insurance companies.  Enact that and stipulate that insurance companies may not add exorbitant fees to the premiums in order to make the coverage affordable.  Enact it separately.

Allow individuals to purchase insurance across state lines to foster competition and provide people with the best coverage for the least cost.  Enact it.

Structure a subsidy for low income families to help in purchasing their health coverage.  Enact it.

Check, check and check.  Take a look at the list- no drama, no controversy and you are more than half way home for affordable insurance coverage.

That’s not so painful, is it?