Democrats are rejoicing that they have pared down the healthcare bill to “meet President Obama’s demand that legislation not add one dime to the deficit.”

Mr. Baucus who authored the bill prides himself and touts the bill as one that will revolutionize the healthcare system for this century.

Analysis issued by the Congressional Budget Office states that legislation from the Senate Finance Committee would provide healthcare to 29 million people at a cost of only $829 billion over the next ten years.

This is a prime can i buy ventolin at asda example of the old “bait and switch” tactics.

A heated debate ensued when $1 trillion was bandied about to cover 47 million uninsured but because the cost is now less than $1 trillion, the bill shows promise.

Keep in mind that now the cost is to cover only 29 million people, not the 47 million that were discussed in prior proposals.

The thing is, new proposals are nothing different.  The numbers just don’t add up!