One of the key issues that swept Republicans into office this election day centered around healthcare reform and their pledge to repeal or amend it.

Dr. Donald Berwick, head of CMS, Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services who was appointed by President. Obama to help implement the new law, addressed the possible repeal and stated that it would be a catastrophe.

Speaking before the Senate Finance Committee, Dr. Berwick, an advocate for improving healthcare quality was quoted as saying, “It would mean that seniors would not be getting the 50% discount on prescription can i buy ventolin drugs”.  “Would we tell them that they will not be able to afford life-saving medicine?  Would we tell them they would not be getting life-saving access to preventive services?  That we won’t work on safer care?  That we’re not going to be more transparent?  That we’re not going to work hard on fraud and abuse?”

What he did not state however was the escalation of taxes and insurance premiums secondary to implementation of the healthcare policy.

If transparency is so important, perhaps he could talk about this as well.