A patient recently asked “Why is it that I fill out patient information forms everytime I go to a new doctor or dentist?  Isn’t there an app I can complete once and send it in…seems like it would be much easier for everyone.

Many patients ask a similar question.

There are two solutions for this problem.
Firstly, You can enter your data into a secure repository source like Microsoft HealthVault which is free to users. Then, whenever you have an appointment to see a dentist (or physician), you can let the office know ahead of time so that they can download the information into your file. Here, you have the liberty to take ventolin generic albuterol your time so that the little details as to surgery dates can be researched. You can also enter lab data as well as past medical and family histories.

The second way is by putting all your pertinent details onto a flash drive which the professional can use for the office encounter to get the necessary information. You have merely to update periodically.

Good luck as you pursue this endeavor.

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