Whenever discussing medicare in the news, the issue of Medicare going broke is discussed.  The latest version of its lifespan is that Medicare will only last until 2019. The Congressional Research service projects this to 2024.

But did you know that the funds in Medicare were being robbed?

President Obama feels that it is necessary to take  $500 billion from the program in order to subsidize his government takeover of the health care industry.?? Under the auspices of the Affordable Health Care Act, a panel of 15 government officials would oversee healthcare. According to Renee Ellmer (the Republican representative from North Carolina)    “Unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats [would have] the power to choose who will get health care and who will not.  I’ve seen firsthand the problems facing doctors, patients and seniors and am dismayed to think generic for ventolin that our President would continue to allow an important program like Medicare to go bankrupt by 2024 in order to mandate his own healthcare program.”?? The former nurse also states ” “I’m still shocked that the President would continue to stand by his health care plan that had been turned down by the Senate 97-0 before it was placed in the Affordable Care Act.”

This year, the asset balance dropped beneath the advised minimum level in the Medicare Trust Fund. Medicare ‘s disbursement  exceeded $30 billion more than taxes and premiums brought in.

Analysis shows that the damage is not irreversible at this point.  It is time for great minds to come together and figure out what the solution should be to make Medicare solvent again!