The McCarran-Ferguson Act of 1945 gave insurance companies a free pass on monopoly restriction, leaving industry regulation up to state governments.

According to Robert Gibbs, the White House Press Secretary, removing the exemption, woulld “allow appropriate enforcement and examination of potential policies that mighyt prove uncompetitive, might stifle competition.  And we think this better promotees affordability and innovation through greater choice and less market concentration”.

Half of the states have only 2 insurers managing 70% or more of the state population so that according to an AMA report,caused  “near total collapse of competitive and dynamic health insurance markets”.  The anticompetitive predicament allows hugh premium increases with no choice but to pay it.

Although the House voted for the repeal, the Senate is reluctant to insert it into their healthcare proposal.

Holding insurance companies to the same standards and restrictions that businesses must abide by, makes sense.  Let’s not wait to see if a large healthcare bill is killed or passed.

This antitrust law can be changed to encompass insurance companies regardless of the bigger picture- and it will then paint a prettier picture as we move forward.