The American Medical Association sponsored a study of health insurance premiums and blames the rise on market control by a few, large  insurance companies.

Republicans propose to allow the public to buy insurance coverage across state lines in order to expand competition.  Critics believe that this would foster a loss of state oversight but supporters feel that it would allow price wars in large markets while expanding cheaper options.

Members in Congress have also proposed the repeal of insurance industry exemption from federal antitrust laws thereby preventing where to buy ventolin for nebuliser companies from fixing prices across the board and blocking competition.

Currently, insurers are able to help establish premiums without fear of retribution regarding price fixing.

This may be changing.  In the near future, companies may be required to justify rate hikes by demonstrating the impact on loss ratios and the percentage of premium revenues spent on medical claims, disease management and patient care as opposed to profits and executive salaries.

These measures are a long time overdue and I applaud the new proposals.  What is your opinion?