NBC’s latest  poll shows 43 percent are in favor of a public health option but a full 47 % oppose it. The proponents have decreased by 3 percent within the last month. Although 60 percent feel that a “major reform” must be forthcoming, many are skeptical about the proposed reforms currently.

The government is arduously addressing all objections to the healthcare reform in social media under WhiteHouse.gov. The site starts with the statements from President Obama where he comments, “This isn’t about politics. This is about people’s lives. This is about people’s businesses. This is about our future.”

There are 9 videos available for viewing:

  • The Indian Health Service
  • Elimination of insurance discrimination against disabled
  • Issue of health care rationing
  • Viral emails against healthcare
  • Advantages of Small businesses with the new plan
  • Medicare is safe and stronger with reform
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While the videos are reassuring and are conducted by high-level people, the information within them is in direct contraindication to news reports about details within the healthcare reform proposal.

So, this begs the question as to whether their “reality check’” videos are accurate or whether there are details that are being sugar coated with half -truths.

Sure, we all want to sleep better at night knowing that the government has come up with the “ideal plan” and that the objectors are doing so due to their own agenda and strictly for political reasons. Yet, have they come up with a panacea or do the many objectors see a frightening scenario that could be played out across the nation should the reform take place?

One thing is for sure. The government is using social media to get their side out in a media blitz. It is up to you to wade through the data and decide how accurate the information actually is.