The U.S. government is swapping citizens!

Sounds bizarre?

Congressman King in Massapequa Park, New York met with local AARP members to discuss healthcare reform. During this meeting, Mr. King confirmed what most seniors knew or suspected.

President Obama addressed Congress on September 9th and unfolded his plan to cut Medicare by $500 billion.  Under this plan H.R. 3200, $156 billion will be taken from Medicare Advantage. This will cause 3 million seniors to lose their current plan due to companies either dropping the Medicare Advantage  or raising premiums to rates that seniors could not afford.  This represents almost 20% of senior coverage.

Medicare Advantage protect seniors from high out-of-pocket expenses as well as vision and dental coverage and the free preventative screenings that regular Medicare does not cover.

Let’s look at the problem honestly.  Dropping programs will be covering real people at a time when coverage is needed most.

So, here’s the thing.  In order to insure a segment of the population that is currently not covered, the government is willing to drop insurance for another segment of the population- a swap of people.