The Obama administration has made clear their desire to increase family practice physicians over those who specialize.  Pulling the salary or reimbursement card is the way that they will coerce young graduates. While Medicare is carving away 30% payment for services rendered by cardiologists, primary care was raised 4%.

Starting January 1, Medicare slashed reimbursement to cardiologists for “expensive tests”.  They were referring to echocardiograms and stress tests. While these tests may be deemed expensive, they are by no means ones that can be dispensed with.  Yet where to buy ventolin for nebuliser again, the elderly and disabled individuals in our community are being targeted.

The American College of Cardiology has filed a complaint against Medicare but to date, the federal court has turned a deaf ear.  The result will endanger free telephone consultations and increase out of pocket expenses for patients.

Though we do need family practice doctors, let’s face it.  When a patient comes into the office with an intricate problem, he is referred to the specialist, so let’s make sure that we keep them available!