The $64,000 question was asked yet again- should fee for service remain when trying to sustain our current medical care model?

Part of the problem in the mix is that the economists are stating that ultimately professionals should be paid less for the good of the system. Yet no where is the issue addressed of rising expenses that the professional must shoulder for the privilege of practicing medicine.

The ultimate picture that I see for the future is the demise of a private practice. Physicians will be on payroll. They will provide healthcare without the pressures of expenses or patient marketing which is what buy a ventolin inhaler online they love best. The hospital or facility will take care of all the financial expenditures or woes and let the physicians just concentrate on healthcare.

However, with the demise of private practice may come the demise of a true relationship between the doctor and the patient. If you go to the supermarket, the clerk sells you the groceries. He is not interested in you, only in providing the staples needed or requested.

For the sake of cost, this humanization that we once had will be lost. Perhaps good for the economy but sad for society.

What are your views?