In trying to improve “the patient experience”, most medical practices and health facilities need to know how it is viewed through the eyes of the consumer- the patient.

Catalyst Healthcare Research endeavored to do just that. They conducted an online survey of 400 people 52 and older (baby boomers)  in March, 2012. Their findings are applicable to most people of any age.

Those surveyed said they want:

  • A printed summary of their visit, including their diagnosis and recommended plan of action, before they leave
  • Eye contact with the doctor, and don’t like seeing physicians spend buy epinephrine inhaler most of their “face time” typing away on the computer keyboard.
  • A reliable estimate of their charges for a recommended surgical procedure
  • An app that allows them to log in and see their test results, send messages to their physician (and presumably get those questions answered)
  • A text or voicemail message if the office is running late
  • Free WiFi in the waiting room
  • Straight talk about personal behaviors that they need to change (like stopping smoking or losing weight)

Would you agree with these needs?  Do you provide them?

Comment below on your experience.