Now that Election Day has come and gone and the results are in, many of us are happy that now we can do what needs to be done- repeal Obamacare.  But more than this, to establish a new and better system, one that will be constitutional and helpful to all of us without breaking the bank and taxing us out of existence.  This is well expressed by Sid Dinerstein in the following paragraphs.

And The Winner Is… AMERICA

They called it Election Day. We called it TAKE BACK AMERICA Day. And we did. All across this great nation people like us, Americans, put aside their daily chores, forgot their personal problems and challenges, and took back America, one neighborhood at a time. We walked, knocked on doors, emailed, faxed, called, sign waved, honked and cheered. In the 18th century we were peasants with pitchforks. Today we are Everyman (and women) with Energy. There’s a reason we say: “God Bless America.”

America is not broken. Washington is broken. But we  won’t stay broken for long. Gone are Pelosi’s Poodles. Welcome America’s Angels. For two long years we were mentored by Rush, Glenn and Sarah. We built the Tea Party and joined hands with the newcomers. When America comes together there is no force more powerful.

The new Cabinet does not look like, and will not act like, the old Cabinet. Tackling tough problems is in. Going along to get along is out.

We will not misread these results. We know that this election is about stopping the Obama agenda and dusting off our Constitution. It is not an endorsement of the Republican Party. We have earned the right to serve, not rule. We are obligated to be humble, not arrogant. And we expect results, not excuses.

Yes, it is morning in America again. All things are possible and all problems can be solved. We will not become Greece or Rome because we are not Greeks or Romans. We are Americans. And we are America. And the winner is…America.