The following is a response given by me to the question of “Why is there resistance to EHR adoption?”

The issue of EHR adoption is much more complex than just dollars.

For those just starting out or on the hospital staff, adjustment to a new system will be an easy one.

For those who have an active ongoing practice, looking at a record room of ten thousand charts (or more) with 25 pages minimum, gives one shudders in thinking about the logistics of digital conversion.
Still, even this is not a major issue.

Most physicians realize that there is benefit to electronic record systems.

So what is the main objection?

For many it is the loss….the loss of staring ventolin hfa without prescription into the eyes of your patient and listening- really listening with compassion and empathy as your patient speaks. Whether it is to relate a symptom, complaint or even to share a story, giving a patient your full attention with hands-on evaluation, means a great deal to both patient and physician.

Typing away at the computer screen while a patient talks and looks at the top of your head loses a part of an important relationship between healthcare giver and patient.

For many-this is an objection that can not be overcome.
It is not a question of gain in conversion, it is one of loss.
Another nail in the coffin for the death of personalization.