Bill Nelson, a Democrat from Florida and member of the Senate Finance Committee, wants to create legislation that covers the one in 5 uninsured people in his state.  He also wants to protect the benefits that senior citizens are currently enjoying.

The thing is, the proposals that Mr. Nelson outline could cost $40 billion over the next ten years.  This presents a problem for President Obama who has stressed that he does not want to sign a health care bill that increases the deficit. (Although the proposals to date offered from the White House involve a paltry $1.5 trillion–we are talking about mega deficit here!)

Senator Baucus suggests having seniors pay higher premiums if they ventolin hfa no prescription have an income greater than $80,000. This income figure is not the same for the public at large.  AARP is up in arms.  David Certner, legislative counsel at AARP voices their sentiment when he states “It’s unfair to single out seniors to pay more for their health benefits when other high-income people are not being asked to pay more.”

Claude Pepper, a Florida congressman once stated : I want you to look out for our seniors.  Someone has to look out for them.”

What we should all remember in trying to revamp the Medicare system or system for the elderly is this– we will all be there someday.  It is investing in OUR future.