To get some sense of what the community of American physicians and healthcare providers think of healthcare in the future with the new legislation, Athena Health took a survey of 1,000 physicians. These doctors represented the full gamut of practice sizes, geographical areas and specialties.

When asked ”if more government involvement in healthcare will help”, 54% denied this.

Much more than half of physicians felt that the quality of medicine in the U.S. will deteriorate in the next 5 years with clinical decisions “based more on what payers will cover than what is best for their patients”.

In terms of reimbursement, 92% felt that “getting paid by insurers has become increasingly burdensome and complex” with 83% stating that this is true for Medicaid and 81% say this buy ventolin tablets uk applies to Medicare as well.

This is what the administration may be banking on to lower costs.  Yet what will the outcome be?

  • Loss of the best minds to business instead of medicine
  • Increase cost to patients who want treatment options that really work,not just ones the insurance will cover
  • Decrease of private practice due to increasing overhead expense and decrease reimbursement
  • The disappearance of private practice, not just the decline
If you thought that the healthcare system was in trouble before this new legislation, you have not seen problems that will soon arrive in epic proportions.
Be afraid… very afraid!
(Now, go  DO something- vote in new Congressmen, let them know where you stand before it’s too late and has spiraled out of control!)