With 75% of the population on social ventolin hfa online pharmacy media sites globally, people want to reach out and really know others.  No longer is it just a way to stay in touch with family and friends. According to Shel Holtz, of Holtz Communications, 85% of Americans want companies to interact with them

“If your audience is in the social spaces, then you need to be there too. If you don’t have content there, then you fundamentally don’t exist for most of those people” Holtz advises.  While over 89% of hospitals are still not involved in social ventolin inhaler no prescription canada media, the growth in this sector is escalating impressively.

Not only brands can be built by utilizing social media.  Hospitals and doctors can use social media for damage control and nip problems in the bud before they spiral out of control (as many large companies can attest to). Doctors, hospital staff and patients can share experiences and services can be highlighted.  Patients can pose questions and have them answered.

Social media involvement is also a way of seeing what is needed and desired in the surrounding area by its patient clientele so that programs can be tailored for use accordingly.

If you are not on social media sites and do not plan on getting involved in the near future, you are missing the boat!

Might as well close down your doors now, because your patients will be going elsewhere!