Are you all over the place when you put out blogs or newsletters highlighting your services?

Long gone are the days when you put out a shingle announcing an M.D. is in town and everyone flocks to the office for medical services.  Now, competition dictates that a business plan is in place and information disseminating from the practice has a purpose, one that will get you noticed.

Paying close attention to having keywords in your work will do that for you.


Just what are keywords and how do they work?

When someone is searching for information, they will usually visit a searh engine like google or yahoo search and type in some words describing what they are looking for.  The search engine then checks its database and returns the results listing pages that meet the words submitted.

These search order ventolin no prescription terms are keywords. Having a long-tale keyword (several words strung together) make you pop up high on the list. So, your keywords are working for you, a free advertising system. It is a free way to direct targeted traffic to you and enable people to find you. The more specific your keywords, the better the results.

Keywords should be used not only to optimize your websites, but in all articles published and blog entries.

If you don’t have time to take advantage of keywords and promote yourself, let a health writer give you the information that you need.  Outsource this vital piece of your practice and then you have time to deal with what you enjoy the most- the actual practice of medicine.

What have you been doing with your keywords?  Comment below.