Last March, Congress let go of the end-of-life planning proposal from the healthcare reform legislation due to the uproars.

The question is really, should it in fact BE   dropped?

Do you really want the ultimate decisions of your life be made by someone other than yourself?  Someone who may not know your wishes?  Do you really want to lay that burden on your loved ones?

General practitioners and primary practice physicians have been instructed to simply ask “Would you like to discuss le medicament ventolin advance care planning?”.  If the answer is no, then, the discussion moves forward to a different aspect of your healthcare.

But why not appoint a healthcare advocate for yourself now?  Do it while you are still healthy and don’t have the pressures upon you to make rash and quick decisions.  Sit down with your advocate and express your wishes.  Draft a living will.

Then you can more comfortably get down to the business of living!