Using the concepts that humor is the best form of medicine and a little humor makes the distasteful more palatable, an unusual bunch of protesters gathered in front of the Ritz Carlton, Washington D.C.

Attired in evening gowns and suits, this group claimed to be part of “Billionaires for Wealth Care” and held up signs praising the current health insurance coverage. Members identified themselves as “Rob Patient”, Zee Roe Compassion” and “Heidi Ductable.

A spokesman for the group “Max Profit” stated “We hate the public option because that would force us to compete”. Profit further explained “In several markets, there is a near oligarchy with just a couple of insurance companies with 90% of the market share and we love it that way”.

The message highlights one of the problems we face in trying to control rising premiums.  Currently health insurance companies are not regulated or held accountable to the same Anti-Trust Laws that most businesses must abide by… and Insurance Lobbyists do love it that way!