Dr. Abraham Port, director of the Mammography and Women’s Radiological Health Center at South Nassau Communities Hospital in Oceanside, N.Y. consented to an interview on the new mammography guidelines, put out by the United States Preventive Task Force.

When asked about the new recommendations, here were his comments.

“I can understand healthcare rationing.  The harsh reality is that there may rapidly come a time when we as Americans, can not afford to pay for everyone’s care- especially if it is preventive.

But the most damaging thing that the Task Force has done is to make it look like the medical community was wrong and that it is not necessary to do breast self- examinations and an annual mammography or that a mammography need not be done prior to age 50.

Many women find lumps in their own breasts buying can i buy ventolin online ventolin in spain which drives them to seek medical attention. And 17% of women who die of breast cancer are under the age of 50.

By associating recommendations with actual necessity or lack there of, women will now feel that there is no reason to have them done.

If, on the other hand, the Task Force was simply prepared to say, “Look- it is not economically feasible to have the mammography before age 50 or annually and  it is not a high rate of cancer discovery statistically so we are therefore making the following suggestions…” it would lead to a different scenario.

Those women who want to  diligently  examine themselves and want to then have a radiological screening could go and pay for it- not ignore it.

Don’t make healthcare providers the fools to suit your ends.”