California, which has the highest population count in the U.S., has the seventh highest rate of uninsured people.  Clearly, some revisions need to take place.

Governor Schwarzenegger and legislative leaders suggested the following:

  • Everyone is required to acquire health insurance
  • Low-income residents will be subsidized for insurance coverage
  • Employers must provide insurance or pay a fee to the state to underwrite insurance
  • Increasing taxes on luxury items and tobacco to find insurance
                                   Two Sides of the Health Insurance Coin
Liberals view a repair of the health plan as being government-run.
Conservatives back a plan giving tax incentives to facilitate individuals in their purchase of their own coverage.  Many additional suggestions fall in between the two.
                                         Drawbacks to Reform Proposals
In today’s economy with every family dollar being accounted for, will families be able to foot the insurance bill suggested?
Who will support the hike in taxes needed to subsidize the insurance plan when money is tight?
Will those that are currently insured be willing to support plans for those who are not?
What alternatives or suggestions have been mapped out for illegal aliens who have no insurance but may have a multitude of health problems necessitating care?
How will facilities afford the new systems and will care be compromised?
These are all questions that must be answered in order to move forward.
It is hard to convince others to accept new plans when more questions are raised than solutions.  I am sure that you can come up with some too!