Business to business copywriting (aka B2B) is your virtual salesman-one who is there to present you in the best light, generate leads, enhance your data base, increase sales and improve the close rate.

Unlike writing directed to consumers, Business-to-Business copywriting is logical and based on fact, not geared to elicit emotions.

The average person in the workforce is working longer hours and has less time for reading material.  You therefore must make your copywriting simple, easy to understand, compelling and “scan able”.

Business-to-Business Copywriting Today Requires You to Talk to Me as a Real Person

The average business-to-business writing is dry, corporate rhetoric with technical terms and is very dull.

On the other hand, the really effective businesss-to-business copy justifies any purchases by an attractive return of investment (ROI).

In addition, when done well, business-to-business copywriting will provide:

  • Specifics, not generalities
  • Answer what is in it for my company and me
  • Tell me your guarantees
  • How I can test your service, company or product for little or not money
  • A comparison between the same or similar products with competitors

When you see good business-to-business copywriting, you will appreciate it immediately because you wil understand the product or service, want to obtain it, and feel good about it.

In addition, unlike reading technical manuals, your virtual B2B salesman will save you time and money and keep your prospective customers riveted to their seat.