We have often seen that for many businesses, when following a code of ethics translates to losing money, their mantra is “there is no ethics in business”.

Apparently this is what Glaxo- Smith-Klein subscribes to.  In doing their comparison study between Avandia and Actos for diabetes, the  cardiovascular risk and death came to light.  Instead of pulling the drug or at least warning the public, they spent their efforts on trying to hush up the information.  Countless lives have been lost so that GSK can realize millions of dollars.

But the scariest thing is not even this mantra. It’s the stance that the FDA is taking.  Yes, the FDA, the arm of the government that we place our faith in- the one that approves drugs so that we can assume they are safe to take.

The FDA is debating whether to withdraw Avandia from the market because for those (that don’t die) there is some benefit. This is the belief of Dr. John Jenkins, director of the FDA’s office of new drugs, according to documents.

Criticized by the FDA for suggesting that the public should be warned about the risk in a stronger fashion, Dr. Rosemary Johann-Liang, formerly the supervisor in the drug safety office of FDA, states “This should not happen, and the fact that these kind of things happen, I think people have to make a determination about the leadership at the FDA”.

I agree.  Don’t you?  Let’s hear a public outcry about the fact that a debate even takes place. It can start with you!

Let’s vote to bring in ethics!