Did you know that the government is essentially coercing your doctor to put YOUR records into a computer network? 

The theory behind this CHAOS- or change in operating systems is so that you will get better care and every doctor you see will know what tests and medications were prescribed previously.

Recognizing that CHAOS is expensive, the government is making money available for the electronic conversions. 

But if the office takes the allocated funds, the government is allowed to review your record…any and all of it!  The privacy laws don’t apply!

Rational by the government is that they want to review data for current practices and treatments 

Why, you ask?  Or better yet…Why YOU SHOULD ASK? 

This is a first step for state control of healthcare in the future. 

Will “they” decide what treatment options you must get for your symptoms based solely on cost as opposed to what works best?

Will “they” forbid your physicians from telling you what buy ventolin nebulizer solution better options are available because it is not the one that “they” want to pay for? 

And What About the Hackers? 

You have signed a privacy paper that no one can view your records without your permission.  But that permission does not extend to those computer geeks that are up in their rooms, playing on their keyboards, and breaking into the system.


Maybe you have nothing to hide.  That ‘s different from everyone knowing your business.


The system also opens itself open to identify theft on a massive scale that the world has never seen. Nor will be able to control!

A segment of healthy people will not go for preventative care because they don’t want to enter “the system”.  Instead they will seek their advice from health food stores. 


In the fervor to welcome affordable healthcare for all, has everyone really looked at what is happening and thought of the consequences?