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A new report issued by Accenture, MobiHealthNews reports (Dolan, MobiHealthNews, 1/6) points out that most consumers of health monitors are facing challenges in obtaining the right information and the correct usage.  In other words, the end user experience is not yet up to par.  While they seem to be the way of the future, currently only 6% own a wearable health monitor and  one out of every 12 users internationally possess a wearable fitness tracker.

Survey Findings

For the report, Accenture surveyed 24,000 consumers  in 24 countries.  Four out of 10 people polled voiced their desire to purchase a health or fitness wearable device in the next 5 years. (MobiHealthNews, 1/6).

The survey also found:

  • 12% of respondents planned to buy a wearable fitness tracker; and
  • 10% planned to buy a wearable health monitor.


Eighty-three percent of those using a smart device (including trackers, health monitors and smart watches) expressed trouble using them.

Range of complaints about wearable health monitors included:

  • Too complicated; (24%)
  • Improper setup (22%)
  • Did not work as advertised (21%)  (MobiHealthNews, 1/6).

Report Recommendations

After viewing the feedback from those surveyed, the report advises  smart device vendors the following:

  • Foster high levels of data security and privacy;
  • Offer stand-out digital brands; and
  • Provide a great consumer experience “right out of the box” (Accenture report, 1/5).
Do you own a wearable health monitor or tracking device yet?  What has been your experience?  How likely are you to purchase and use one in the near future.  Share your views in the comment box below.