Yesterday I attended the Tea Party against socialized health care.  Everyone should!  Our eyes need to be open regarding the Healthcare Proposal that President Obama is trying to pass through Congress.

Dr. Betsy McCaughey, former lieutenant governor of New York State was there.  After reading the proposal, she pointed out some salient features which are downright scary.  Because it is so poignant, I am going to report it in her own words.

“This bill will rob you of your liberty, your health, and if you are in healthcare, your jobs.

The first thing we should say is this…You tell Schumer, Gellibrand, Ackerman, Maloney, McCarthy, to stop kowtowing to President Obama and his Chicago style arm-twisting and to start representing the people of the state. 

Let me say a few words about this bill because it is so different from what we’ve been told.


You’ve been told that if you like your health insurance, you can keep it.  If you have one of those Blue Cross plans that let you go to the doctor whenever you want, get a diagnostic test, see a specialist, let me tell you, this bill makes it very clear that would be history. 

This bill forces you into managed care with limits on access to specialties.  It says if you get your health care through your employer, as many people do, your employer is required to switch you out of your current plan to a managed care style plan after a grace period. If you get your own health care insurance rather than getting it from work, you don’t even have that grace period.  You’ve got to do it any time your current insurance contract changes, like the copay, the deductible, things that generally change at least once a year.  If you go to file your taxes, and if you can’t prove that you’ve joined this government qualified plan, you will be fined thousands of dollars (found on page 146)

And then you will be enrolled in a randomly selected plan.

Seniors, really bear the brunt under this bill.  Think about it.  This bill is paid for in half with tax hikes.  But it’s also paid for with a 500 billion dollar cut to Medicare within the next ten years.  That is a 10% decrease in Medicare funding at a time when the enrollment is going up 30% to accommodate all of us baby buying ventolin uk boomers that are entering Medicare.  That’s going to mean fewer hip replacements, fewer knee replacements, fewer bypass surgeries, fewer angioplasties, the basic procedures that have enabled all of us to really enjoy our later years, instead of being stuck in a wheel chair, because we’re too out of breath from clogged arteries or trapped in a nursing home bed because we’re crippled with arthritis. 

But in the context of all these cuts and benefits that have enabled seniors to lead good lives, the federal government is going to offer us a new benefit.

Free counseling on how to cut our lives short.  (Pgs 425-430) including how to forgo nutrition hydration and the use of antibiotics.  The government is going to push its way into a hospital room and talk to your parents about things that you don’t even want to discuss with them.  Dr. Ezekial Emanuel, has been chosen to be advisor to the President on healthcare.  He writes, people who have incurable illnesses like Alzheimer’s, cerebral palsy, dementia, shouldn’t be entitled to even basic healthcare services since they don’t contribute to society anymore.  What do you say when your mother has Alzheimer’s?

What do you say when your child has cerebral palsy? 

This is directed specifically at Chuck Schumer.  This bill is going to cause hugh layoffs in New York State.  The President has said that he is going to reduce the annual growth and healthcare spending by 25% a year.  That’s going to mean cuts in hospital budgets, decrease in nurses who will be spread thinner than they already are, hospital equipment, and laying off nurses, therapists, doctors, and the other people who make life livable when you’re in a hospital through no choice of your own.  It’s going to cost a lot of jobs because healthcare is the largest employer in New York outside of government. 

So let me say in conclusion, call Schumer, call Gellibrand, call Ackerman, Call McCarthy, let them know that its time they stopped bowing to the President, instead of listening to you.”

Pretty powerful stuff.  It makes you wonder what else is in there and why we can not get a copy of the bill.

It’s no wonder that President Obama wanted to push it through before everyone had a chance to read and analyze it.