Story Conference by Clint Arthur brought together an amazing group of fascinating people.  I was lucky to be one of them (and getting an award was the cherry on top!)

Nowadays, speaking is all about story telling. Mention statistics or theories and the crowd will have eyes glaze over and beat a path to the door. Developing the art of storytelling will help get your message across and connect with your audience, getting them to take your call-to-action. It promotes your ideas and allows people to envision what you are trying to convey.

From the time of the cavemen sitting around campfires and telling stories, our brains are wired for telling and receiving stories.  We recall them better when we hear them as stories since oxytocin, a potent hormone is released during that time.  It is the hormone associated with trust and kindness (along with childbirth).

Storytelling helps with communication and works well when trying to promote products and services in the workplace. According to Marshall Ganz , a Harvard professor, he explains how stories are linked to the way we make meaning out of events, provoking emotions and taking action in his work on Public Narrative.

Storytelling Formula

There is an effective framework for the best stories and no one creates one better than Michael Hauge which you can see in his book “Storytelling Made Easy: Persuade and Transform Your Audiences, Buyers, and Clients- Simply, Quickly and Profitably.”  I have read this book and can tell you it is a 5 Star read in my opinion!  It’s easy to follow and by using his approach, you are sure to get rave reviews with any audience (and sell whatever you are trying to promote). You can get the book in

Michael has just created an online course for his speaking as well and taking it would be great for your career or even a way to benefit as a speaker.

Consider the projects you are currently planning.  Where do you need to convince others to take action or to change behavior (to improve health and lifestyles for example).  Having a storytelling framework will enable you to craft your message in a more effective and compelling manner.

Use it for speeches, books, articles and videos as well. It won’t take long for you to be admired and your services wanted.


If you are still working virtually and self-quarantining, this is a perfect time to master a new skill- like storytelling.  I’m thrilled to have done this with my time.  See you at the next Quarantine Conference!