One of the easiest ways to increase patient loyalty is to make them feel that they are appreciated and wanted in your practice. This will make patients feel that you are a worthy physician and one that they should recommend to family and friends.h

Sending a birthday card by mail or an email GIF to let them know you are thinking of them on their special day, goes a long way to boosting doctor-patient relationships.


Studies show that birthday messages have higher open rates and greater satisfaction, improving communication more than other forms of email campaigns. Statistics bear this out with birthday messages having 481% greater transaction rates and getting 179 percent more unique clicks.

Collecting cell numbers of your patients enables you to send a birthday message by text as well- something they will readily see as soon as they get that beep and pick up their smartphones.

This is a great marketing method, strengthening your brand as well as your relationships, increasing your patient retention rate.

Sending it at a time when your patients are out celebrating with friends and family, allows them to view your warm-hearted or humorous birthday message. Remember your goal is to have it shared with prospective patients.


This strategy is a positive one, improving patient relationships and attracting new patients simultaneously.

Tip: When patients come to fill out forms, get their cell phone number at the same time.

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