Yesterday, John wrote a blog post expressing his fears about the Democrats trying to push through a health care reform before everyone has had a chance to object or really study the ramifications of it.

I agree John that the scenario is quite a frightening one, smacking of Orwellian society.

No one wants to be an ogre and say no to the question of universal health care for the needy but the stakes are too high.

Trying to enact health care reform without tort reform is likewise an impossibility.  If we truly want to decrease health care costs, it MUST be done in tandem with liability buy tilade inhaler reform.  Costs keep spiraling out of control due to liability premiums much more than the few duplicate tests that are done.

If hospitals and medical facilities must raise money for malpractice premiums which rise, and reimbursements are lowered, it only stands to reason that visits will increase in costs.  Too, tests that may not be deemed really necessary will be ordered anyway because to ignore them will prove difficult to defend in a court of law.

Let’s reform the whole picture.  Lawyers can not pick and choose what will affect them and the public.  The entire scenario needs an overhaul.

For your health and wealth,

Barbara Hales

The Medical Strategist