Once upon a time in a small village, there was a little boy named Eli who was eagerly looking forward to Passover. The entire village was abuzz with preparations, and Eli’s excitement grew as he watched his family and neighbors get ready for the big celebration.

Eli’s favorite part of Passover preparations was helping his grandmother bake matzah in their old stone oven. She would tell him stories of Passover from when she was a little girl, and the lessons of freedom and hope that the holiday brought. This year, Eli had a special wish: he wanted to make the Passover even more memorable by inviting someone who had never experienced a Seder before.

As Passover approached, Eli thought of his new friend, Tom, who had recently moved to the village from far away. Tom had never heard of Passover, and Eli was excited to share the traditions and stories with him. With his parents’ approval, Eli invited Tom and his family to join their Seder.

The night of the Seder arrived, and Eli’s house was filled with laughter and the delicious smells of his grandmother’s recipes. As the Seder began, Eli took it upon himself to explain each part of the Seder plate and the meaning behind the various rituals. Tom listened intently, fascinated by the rich traditions and the story of the Exodus.

During the meal, Eli and Tom took turns reading from the Haggadah, and Tom even learned to sing “Dayenu” with the family. Eli’s family welcomed Tom’s questions and shared their own thoughts and interpretations, which made the evening feel even more inclusive and special.

The highlight of the evening was when Eli and Tom, along with the other children, searched for the afikomen. The search was filled with giggles and light-hearted competition. When Tom found the hidden piece of matzah, everyone cheered, and he felt a warm sense of belonging.

As the night came to a close, Tom expressed his gratitude for being part of such a unique and welcoming celebration. He shared that he felt honored to learn about Passover and the values it represented. Eli felt proud and happy; his Passover wish had come true.

That night, under the stars of the spring sky, Eli and Tom made a promise to remain good friends and to continue sharing their traditions and festivals with each other. For many years to come, they kept this promise, enriching each other’s lives with the beauty of their cultures.

And so, Passover in the village was not just about remembering the past but about creating new memories and friendships, teaching lessons of freedom, hope, and friendship that would last a lifetime.

This is what Passover feels like to me.  Have a happy holiday with good health and joyously sharing with your friends and family.