In this episode, Barbara and Tamara discuss:
-What Is The Practical Pregnancy Company Goals
-How Tamara Can Find Relevant Clients For Her Business
-How To Create An Idea To Build A Business And Set Up A Plan And Strategy

Key Takeaways:
“And really, fear has no place in the birthing room. Even though you might feel a bit fearful about the process, we want to equip women to be able to overcome that fear and birth of confidence and peace.” – Tamara Youngberg.

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Dr. Barbara Hales: Welcome to another episode of Marketing Tips For Doctors.

I’m your host, Dr. Barbara Hales. Today, we have with us Tamara Youngberg. She’s a dedicated midwife with 26 years of experience in providing full-scope midwifery care in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. With a passion for empowering expectant parents. Now she specializes in effective communication, ensuring her clients are fully informed, feminine evidence-based viewpoints. Her commitment goes well beyond delivering babies. She comes alongside her clients, supporting and guiding them to achieve their pregnancy and birthing goals, marriage work experience and compassionate approach make her an invaluable partner on the incredible journey of pregnancy and birth. Welcome to the show Tamara.

Tamara Youngberg: Thanks, Barbara. It’s a really great opportunity and pleasure for me to be here.

The Practical Pregnancy Company

Dr. Barbara Hales: Tamara over the course of more than two decades, has been working in the Canadian national health. But something very exciting has come out of her experience. She has started entrepreneurially she has started a new company. And could you tell us the name of the company and what that’s all about?

Tamara Youngberg: Sure Barbara. So my colleague and I, Sandy Knight, started something called the practical pregnancy company. And our goal with this company is to provide evidence-based fear-free information to pregnant women and their families. So that they can really hone in on having a reliable source of information from women whom they can trust. One of our flagship offerings through the practical pregnancy company is a course called Birth Unafraid, where we teach and empower women to kick fear to the curb and wait for permanent. And we give them the tools they need to birth with peace and confidence, no matter what happens.

Dr. Barbara Hales: Are you still working in the national health service as well?

Tamara Youngberg: Yes, I am. So I’m still working as a primary care health provider. So in Ontario, it’s called the Ministry of Health. And we are what’s considered a managed program under the funding through the Ministry of Health. So midwifery in Ontario is a little bit different than it is in some of the United States. But we are full-service primary care providers who work within the hospital system, but also in the community.

We do homebirths and community visits, and we have a clinic in the community, just like you would go to see your family physician or an OBGYN, you would come to see midwives because we’re experts in low-risk obstetrics. So Sandy’s experience over the last couple of decades, has led us to this point where we really wanted to provide something in an online more accessible format for pregnant women to be able to access good quality information, because we’ve seen so many people over the years, be filled with fear. And really fear has no place in the birthing room, even though you might feel a bit fearful about the process. We want to equip women to be able to overcome that fear and birth confidence and peace.

Everyone Can Join

Dr. Barbara Hales: What our listeners would like to know is where you’re going to get your clients from, are you able to shift them over from patients that you’ve seen over the years? Or are you going about it in a different way?

Tamara Youngberg: That’s a really good question. So certainly, we want our information to be available to anybody who’s interested to anyone who could benefit from that anyone who’s fearful, anyone who just wants to have some real concrete tested and tried tools in their tool belt, to be able to go into their pregnancy and their birthing experience and beyond from a place of confidence and empowerment. So people, certainly our own demographic within the midwifery community would benefit from having these tools, but we really want to go broader to anyone, whether you choose to go with a physician, whether you choose to have a traditional birth attendant, whether you choose to have a midwife, whatever your care choice is, we want to be able to offer this and that’s why we’ve gone on to an online platform where we hope to reach a broader number of people with, you know what we have to offer them.

Marketing Through Ads And Social Media

Dr. Barbara Hales: So again, where are you going to be getting your prospective clients? Is it going to be from ads on social media? Or is it going to be in a different way?

Tamara Youngberg: Yeah, so that’s the plan. We are just about ready to launch we are just fine-tuning our tunnel and our funnel, and then you’ll be seeing ads hopefully about us. You can also reach us organically just by Googling us and finding us that way. Word of note though. If you look up the practical pregnancy company, we are not quite launched with their landing page.

So give us give us another little time before, that will definitely be up and running by the new year, probably mid-December will be fully done and out. But you can still access our old site if you were to look us up. But yeah, that’s the goal is to try and get the information out there through ads, through organic marketing, really focusing on the ads, and also we’re going to be using some AI to help get that message out. So trying to adapt to the new technology, is totally foreign. For me as a midwife. I’m a midwife, not a Czech note, you know, person. But learning the new technology has been really interesting, and challenging, but super exciting to be able to see how we can use that, to really help get our message out faster.

Dr. Barbara Hales: So two or three-minute videos on Instagram and TikTok would be, you know, really engaging and interesting for your prospective clients, I would imagine.

Tamara Youngberg: Yeah, so the strategy I think will be to actually hit TikTok first, which I have to confess, I don’t really go on social media, I don’t have a TikTok account. But we all have professional accounts. Social media is not something I myself gravitate towards, although I do use some of it, but not every day. So this is a real leap for us. So the plan is to start out on tick tock, and then the same message in different formats will be disseminated down into the various other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and probably even Pinterest. So that we can hit our demographic and really speak to a wide variety of people. Because it doesn’t matter where you come from. Everybody’s accessing technology, somehow, in some way in some format. And we want to be able to utilize that to the maximum benefit for the demographic that we’re trying to reach.

Press Release–Grand Opening

Dr. Barbara Hales: And I imagine you will be putting out a press release on opening day.

Tamara Youngberg: Yes, we’ll definitely do that, too. So getting just getting the right message in, we have the right message. But getting that in place on the right platforms has been a real learning curve. But I’d like to encourage any of your listeners that it’s completely possible. And if I can do it, trust me, I barely know how to turn my phone off. And on some days, if I can do it, anybody in your listening audience can do it too. And the tools are getting easier and easier to use.

Dr. Barbara Hales: Okay, so what this call really brings out is that while you have been engaged in health, providing services, over the extent of your career, you are still able to come up with a great idea for a business, to bring in additional income for yourself and your partner. And, you know, have a business plan and a strategy. And there you go, go forward.

Tamara Youngberg: Yeah, it really is quiet. It’s not necessarily easy to come up with an idea. But what really started resonating with me, and then I approached my colleague, Sandy, who has now become my business partner, is just recognizing a common theme throughout the clients that I was serving through my patients that I was serving a common thread of fear. So if you can, as a healthcare practitioner identify sort of a need within your niche, what aren’t people being serviced, like, where’s that gap and their service, and it may not necessarily be part of the medical service that they’re getting. But it might be a small little niche that you just sort of noticed a common thread. And then really lean into that with your expertise. And it’s easy to develop a core, especially with some of the tools out there, like chat and some of the other tools, you can really get your ideas out in a concise form and a good course format or short course format, or even just informational videos that you put out on the various social media platforms can really be a great way to get your message across and benefit your customers, your clients, and your patients.

Dr. Barbara Hales: Well, we welcome, we certainly enjoyed having you here. And we wish you the best of luck.

Tamara Youngberg: Thanks so much for having me, Barbara. It’s been a pleasure.

Dr. Barbara Hales: This has been another episode of marketing tips for doctors with your host, Dr. Barbara Hales. Until  next time!