In this episode, Barbara and Justine discussed:
*The Body Confidence and Well-Being Coaching
*The Concept of Woo in Business
*How To Boost Confidence and Well-being

Key Takeaways:

“Things do take time. You have to be consistent and keep that positive energy, whilst germinating your seeds.” –Justine Hales.

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Dr. Barbara Hales: Welcome to another episode of Marketing Tips for Doctors. I’m your host, Dr. Barbara Hales. Today, we have with us the founder of Body Confidence Wellness. Justine Hales is a body confidence and well-being coach, and online fitness instructor. In addition to that, she promotes healthy products to achieve optimal wellness. Justine provides women with body confidence, and well-being coaching packages with a safe and fun environment to exercise together online, allowing for working out in the comfort of your own home.

I’d like to announce is, this is the 100th episode. Yay! Welcome to the show, Justine.

Justine Hales: Thank you for having me.

Justine’s Background and Experience

Dr. Barbara Hales: Justine, many people have wondered probably, what is the background experience that brought you to develop this business?

Justine Hales: Thank you again for interviewing me today and inviting me and I’m very, very excited to be number 100. Thank you very much. Just to address the elephant in the room, yes, we are related. What brought me to body confidence wellness?

I developed it over the last couple of years. My most recent background was being the owner-manager of a curve’s fitness for women gym. For those listeners who aren’t familiar with curve’s fitness for women, it’s a women’s-only fitness franchise. Ladies-only gym started in the US and franchises all over Europe, the UK, internationally. It’s got a very large presence in Japan.

I got very heavily involved in women’s fitness as the owner-manager of the curves gym. It was there, that I worked with over 500 different women with different physical abilities, different goals, different shapes, and sizes. All different reasons for being there.

Ultimately, what I discovered in having conversations, and coaching all of these women was that generally we all just want to feel good. I took a little bit of a career break when I decided to sell my franchise. I was still more or less on that career break when all things changed in March 2020. I don’t know if you remember or their listeners remember, but March 2020 the world changed pretty much for everyone.

As I was still on that career break at the time, I kind of thought well, what can I do at home? How can I still reach people and help people online and that’s when I decided to become an online fitness instructor. I upgraded my Zoom account, started putting some fitness classes online. The ladies started coming and they still do, and that’s what made me an online fitness instructor.

When I was looking back at all of my time and my experience at curves and the various different opportunities I had, coaching ladies at curves, I realized that it really wasn’t just the exercise that I loved and working with women on that physical body level. That’s when I discovered the Institute for body confidence coaching run by Astrid Longhurst, and I became certified as a body confidence and well-being coach and then added all of that into my services.

Body Confidence and Wellness Coaching

Dr. Barbara Hales: What is body confidence and wellness coaching?

Justine Hales: Body confidence well-being coaching works on four principles of the holistic body. You’ve got the physical body, the emotional body, the mental body and the soul or the spiritual body. It’s a way of looking at our bodies in that really holistic way and connecting not only the physical side of our bodies but connecting our the physical to the mental, emotional and soul body. Working from the outside in, inside out with our whole bodies.

4 Principles of Holistic Body

Dr. Barbara Hales: Tell me more about the four pillars. Can you tell me more about that?

Justine Hales: Yes, of course. The four pillars, as I said is the physical body, the emotional body, mental body and soul body. It is connecting as I said, the inside-outside, outside inside so obviously, you’ve got the physical body that you see when you look at yourself in the mirror. What you’re working on when you’re doing physical activity and exercise. But the mental body is very much about our mental outlook and our mental view of ourselves, and the way that we present ourselves to the world.

The emotional body is very much more internal than about your emotions, and your feelings and your thoughts and your behaviors, again, how we think, and view ourselves presenting ourselves to the world. Our soul body is very much about, our spirituality and our feelings and the connection that we have to our own bodies, and the world and our environment outside of our own bodies.

Justine’s Coaching Programs

Dr. Barbara Hales: I’ve noticed that you run stand-alone workshops, as well as coaching programs. Can you tell me more about that?

Justine Hales: Yes, of course. With Body Confidence Wellness, my business, I have the fitness classes, the coaching programs, and with the coaching programs, I work with women both on a one-to-one basis, and then in groups, and standalone workshops. With the stand-alone workshops, it’s the opportunity for people to get to know me and how I work, and a little bit of a taster about what body confidence and well-being coaching is. If they really just want a little bit of a top-up of their own self-care.

In a lot of the workshops that I do, the stand-alone workshops are very much about self-care tools and tips and sharpening the tools for your self-care toolkit. For example, one of the workshops is called the language of self-care and body confidence. It’s all about affirmations and the way that we talk to and about ourselves.

Another workshop I have, is called clearing your own energy blocks. It’s very much about learning different energy systems within our bodies, particularly a beginner’s view to the chakras and color. We do a really beautiful meditation on clearing your own energy blocks.

At the end of these workshops, you come away with a tool that you can use yourself anytime, anyplace, anytime you really need to have that bit of a top-up.

Woo in Business

Dr. Barbara Hales: I’ve seen on your social media, that you talk about woo in business, what does this mean? Woo, how can you become more? Woo. And is that even a good thing?

Justine Hales: Both, Yes. So for your listeners, I don’t know if everybody knows the term of woo-woo. The whole idea of woo-woo is very much about kind of spiritual work, adding spirituality and spiritual work into your life and into your business.

A lot of people sometimes hear Woo, and they can go, that’s not for me, and I’m not moving or anything like that. But literally, for me, on the most basic level, it’s just being grateful. It’s expressing gratitude, it’s having affirmations, it’s just having some kind of spiritual connection to yourself and your internal and external world.

The way I added woo into my business was very much accepting and adopting meditation practices, and also through Reiki, so I’m a Reiki Level Master Level Three Reiki practitioner. One of the workshops that I do, is a guided meditation and Reiki healing session.

Reiki is something that’s become very important to myself, my personal practices, my business practices, and again, something that was developed and practiced a lot in the last couple of years. Definitely something that was one of my coping mechanisms through the pandemic, and something that I’m very excited and in love with sharing with the world.

Dr. Barbara Hales: For our listeners, many of whom are physicians and wellness professionals, they may be thinking, listen, “the work that I do is scientific, this woo-woo business is not something that pertains to me at all.”

But in fact, it does two things. As you mentioned, the first is getting in touch with oneself, and being more at peace and serenity, so that you can then engage with your patients and give more of yourself and be able to then be more in touch with your empathy.

Justine Hales: Absolutely.

Dr. Barbara Hales: Also, it helps with a work-life balance because it is again giving you more peace and more serenity.

Justine Hales: Absolutely.

How to boost confidence well-being

Dr. Barbara Hales: So tell me, what are some tips that listeners can take away to boost their body confidence and well-being which also, in addition to professionals needing to create a sense of better well-being, they also can use this information to help their patients with their body confidence?

Justine Hales: Yeah, absolutely. There’s a lot in that question. I’ll kind of circle back to your previous comment about marketing with the medical professionals. One really easy tip is about gratitude, journaling, and affirmations.

A lot of times, people hear affirmations, and they say, “Oh, affirmations don’t work”. Because, it’s somebody else’s words, or I don’t really believe the things that I’m saying, and everything like that.

I’m very much somebody who used to view affirmations in that way. What I learned and something, that I helped to teach and practice with myself and share with others, is about writing your own affirmations. Because when you write your own affirmations, and you’re using your own words, with your own thoughts, it definitely becomes a lot more believable. And they don’t really have to be very long either.

I’ve kind of broken down, writing your own affirmations into a couple of really small steps. Basically, it’s in three parts, you start with either I am, I feel, I believe I want, I wish, something really short like that. Then you’ve got your kind of your action word, and then you’ve got your tense. You can say sport like so tend to be right now, or in the future kind of thing. So, “I am strong right now”. I mean, it’s really short, but it’s your words, you’ve put those structure together, you chose those pieces.

Saying it over and over is really believable. I want to be successful today. I am successful right now, you know, saying these things, when it’s your own words, and breaking it down just into those three pieces really helps and makes it really very believable. Coming up with those things first thing in the morning, and kind of just having them in your head throughout the day, really, really helps.

That’s one that I would think to be quite an easy tip. The other is expressing gratitude. Just waking up in the morning and saying three to five things that you feel grateful for, and the easiest way of just centering yourself.

Again, this is like for people who think “oh, you know, I don’t do Woo, I don’t do spiritual and this is out there for me or whatever, literally, two minutes in the day. Just close your eyes, take three deep breaths in and out, three to five breaths in and out. Just center yourself into the present moment. Open your eyes, take a pen and paper and write three to five things that you’re grateful for. That could literally just be “I’m grateful for the sun shining,” “I’m grateful there’s food in the fridge,” “I’m grateful I have new shoes.”

Like, just anything, and then just have that in the day. Then just kind of circling back to what you said previously, about using these as marketing tips as well and using them in your own practice, and with your patients, is when you’re writing social media posts and why when you’re writing blogs or when you’re writing a follow-up text or when you’re about to dial a follow-up call or anything like that, is again just to kind of center yourself with those three to five deep breaths.

Write down one or two affirmations, write down one or two pieces of gratitude. And then write your social media posts, then write your blog post then, pick up the phone and do your follow up call. Because once you’ve put yourself in that really beautifully centered, grateful happy place. Then anything you type, anything you write anything you text, any number, you’re about to write, or you kind of have that. That feeling, that you’re then going to convey into your message and your patients and your readers will feel that.

How Justine become successful

Dr. Barbara Hales: That’s really a great idea. Now some people also may be thinking, “well, I am trying to promote myself more in my medical practice. And here is this really successful person who founded an entire business during the pandemic?” Could you tell our listeners, how it is that you marketed or promoted yourself to become so successful overnight?

Justine Hales: Well, I wouldn’t exactly say that I’ve became hugely successful overnight. Nothing happens overnight, things take work and practice. But social media, word of mouth, lots of networking.I do a lot of networking, a lot of business networking, all online, a little bit back in person now that we’re able to do things in person, but still very much thing online with business networking, and with social media.

I’m in a coaching group, I’m in a mentoring group. It’s just very much about connections, connections, connections, connections, planting seeds, and nurturing those seeds, and doing everything to have those seeds grow. I appreciate that. Not everybody wants to hear that thing take time, but things do take time. You have to be consistent and keep that positive energy, whilst germinating your seeds

Connect with Justine

Dr. Barbara Hales: That’s really very interesting. It’s been very helpful. Thank you so much for being on our show today. for having me. This has been another episode of Marketing Tips for Doctors with your host, Dr. Barbara Hales. Till next time.

So, Justine, our listeners are, I’m sure, are very interested in what you had to say. How can they get in touch with you?

Justine Hales: Thank you so much for asking. I’m on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and I have a website. Facebook and Instagram are both at Body Confidence wellness. The website is You can find me on LinkedIn by my name, I’m Justin Hales.

For the first 10 People who get in touch with me by any of my social media channels, you can have a discount code for either one of my stand-alone workshops in January or February, or you can try out my fitness classes.

Dr. Barbara Hales: That’s great. I would like to point out two things for our listeners. The first is, that it’s It’s dot co, the m is left out because you are speaking to us from the United Kingdom.

Justine Hales: I am indeed.

Dr. Barbara Hales: The information like the code and all of the social media URLs to reach Justine will be in our show notes. This has been another episode of Marketing Tips for Doctors with your host Dr. Barbara Hales.  ‘Til next time!

Justine Hales: Thank you so much.