Using data to market Doctors’ practices and the use of telehealth (with automation of communications)

In this episode, Barbara and Bobby discuss:

  • Creating dynamic content for your potential clients.
  • The future of the delivery of medicine and medical care even beyond the current pandemic.
  • Connecting any program you are using now to Launchpadds.

 Key Takeaways:

  • Launchpadds can be great for telehealth providers as your target audience is everywhere.
  • Marketing is more than just knowing the basic stats of humans. If you have specific data about who your avatar is specifically you can spend your marketing dollars on campaigns that will go further.
  • Using a system, such as Launchpadds, it can help you to best connect with your target audience and best serve those in your realm.

“Just because they don’t convert right now, doesn’t mean they won’t convert in three months, or six months, or two years. Keep those targets in your system and convey to them that you are the expert that they know and they can trust.” —  Bobby Brodney


Barbara:      Welcome to another episode of Marketing Tips for Doctors. This is your host, Dr. Barbara Hales.  Today, we have with us Bobby Brodney.

He is the founder and owner of Launchpadds. Launchpadds helps companies build autonomous communication systems which enable a business to capture a plethora of data from leads and then use that data to facilitate sales absolutely for better communication. They work with software platforms designed for sensitive data according to Bobby. So, welcome to the show Bobby.

Bobby:     Well thank you so much, Barbara. It’s such a pleasure to be here with you today.

Barbara:    This is such a timely topic. I’m so delighted that you could make it here today for our listeners. What makes you different from most other marketing agencies out there?

Bobby:     Well, I think one of the biggest differentiating points was my background in political science. When I first started dealing with data was when I would look into behavior data and opinion data as per what a politician would need in order to run a really successful campaign. But going forward I started working more in the marketing realm and I realized that data is essentially what drives choices that people make based off of what they are seeing in the world or online.

I think that is one of the most crucial elements that separate my business from a lot of other businesses in the marketing world because most people that are marketers  know that this type of science exists but they don’t actually apply it to their business the same way that I do.

Barbara:       How can you help doctors use this data to increase the number of patients they serve when data is so highly regulated?

Bobby:            Well like I said, behavior data is essentially, you talk through this you probably all know what behavior data is but it’s the choices that people are making. Like what is it that makes somebody make a decision?

When choosing a doctor what is it that makes somebody make a decision. They’re probably going to want to trust you, right? They’re going to be putting their life in your hands or their wellness in your hands. What you want to try and do is figure out what are the things that I can say that are going to make me relate to the person and be able to connect with them and be able to talk to them and make them feel really comfortable. But the reality too is you as a doctor are spending your time working on your patients or you have a team that might be a very small team that has to deal with tons of other administrative tasks and so you don’t want to be spending time going out and trying to speak individually to every single prospect that comes your way.

You need ways to be able to speak to people and show them they can trust you and that you’re extremely knowledgeable, better than your competitors and do it in a way like I said makes them feel comfortable with you. Does that answer the question?

Barbara:           Yes, it does. I’m sure every doctor is sitting on the edge of their seats saying wow! You’re going to save me time and that is great!

Bobby:            Well time and money. Like I said, you want to use…like if somebody is interested in Star Wars why not have it where a Star Wars backdrop appears on the landing page they are sent to? That is going to show that you understand that they like Star Wars. I’m just giving you a super hypothetical but like what it comes down to is something we call dynamic content, which is where you’re able to tailor the content that the potential client sees based off of whatever their interest is or whatever they answered to in a previous question or interaction with you. So that is where a lot of the fun part of marketing comes in, understanding what somebody likes and then putting it right in front of them. That way they know, like and trust you. They know you’re paying attention to them.

Barbara:           Sure

Bobby:            It creates a bond.

Barbara:           Sure. Do you only work with doctor offices or can you work with other types of businesses in the medical field?

Bobby:            I can work with pretty much anyone. I’m currently working with a medical supplies company that is helping sort of like fill the gap for a lot of the shortages that we’re experiencing right now with really commonly used pieces of medical equipment. For instance, masks, gowns, shoe covers, all of these sorts of kind of necessary pieces of medical equipment that a lot of major hospitals are extremely short on and we’re using the data to try and help target where these products need to go. That is just another example.

Barbara:           Sure. Can this type of marketing software work for telehealth companies?

Bobby:            Oh yes. That would probably be an ideal situation actually because with telehealth companies you’re able to work anywhere. The client does not necessarily need to be within a close proximity to you so your target audience can be anywhere you want. I think right now with the way that the field is going, correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s happening, isn’t it?

Barbara:           Absolutely! You know before telehealth was ideal for people who were either in rural communities because they did not have good access to doctors or also to caregivers or chronically ill who were confined to their beds but now as you know we’re all confined in one way or another.

Bobby:            For now. I think there are major steps being taken to develop a vaccine and to move humanity forward.

Barbara:           That’s true but on the other hand I think this is giving people a taste of what medical care could be. So, you’re going to get a percentage of people who want to continue with telehealth and don’t really want to go to a doctors office.

Bobby:            Especially with the risk of being able to contract these really serious diseases. Like, why would you want to take that risk?

Barbara:           Absolutely so moving forward you know I really think this situation is really changing how we think and feel about the delivery of medicine.

Bobby:            The delivery of medicine and think of like the carbon admission aspect of this. Then the list keeps going on and on. There are so many other benefits that go into not having such widespread travel unless it’s necessary.

Barbara:           Yes, absolutely. How long does it take to adopt a new technology like yours?

Bobby:            It really depends on the clients’ capacity and specifically like what the client has for their objectives. Typically, like some types of companies if it’s like a very straight forward process it could be adopted in as little as two weeks to a month but if you have a more complex sort of system that you want to build out it could take you two months to four months and then what’s really cool with automation is that as the system learns more and more about your ideal clients and how you interact with prospects it will actually improve.

So, your advertising will improve, your targeting will improve just based off of how you design the infrastructure. That is one thing I always tell a lot of clients. You don’t necessarily want to start advertising and putting money with advertising. It’s kind of like the carriage and the horse concept. You don’t want to start putting the money towards the advertising until you have your infrastructure built and you really understand who is it exactly that I’m targeting? I don’t just mean like the normal things like age range or basic stuff like male female or this or that.

Depending on the practice obviously, male/female might be a big deal but what I’m saying more is where are they online? What are the things they’re interested in? what kind of language do they speak because that is how you can design their copy; that’s how you can make your copy dynamic. That’s how you can really single out the exact people that you want to target and then when it comes to advertising, once you have that data then you can push the data over to your advertising channels and specifically target those people so that the money that you do spend on advertising is going to go significantly further.

You’re starting to peel back the payers of the onion but my main goal with everything that I do is to save as much money as possible and then not only save it make sure that the money you are spending because everybody knows you’re going to have to spend some money, make sure that the money you are spending is extremely effective and then all of those leads that you pull in from your advertising, when you pull them in just because they don’t convert right now doesn’t mean they’re not going to convert in three months. It doesn’t mean that they’re not going to convert in 6 months. It doesn’t mean that they’re not going to convert in 2 years.

Its making sure that you keep that data and you keep those people in your system and you continue to engage them and convey to them that you are an expert, that you are somebody that they know and that you are somebody they can trust.

Barbara:           What about if a medical practice already has tools that they’re using? Does your system integrate well with that?

Bobby:            That is a great question. Everything that I operate on operates on an open API which just means that you can essentially connect pretty much anything to the programs that I use. If the programs that I use aren’t necessarily suitable for the specific team that is already in place that’s where my company Launchpadds is very flexible.

The answer to that question in the short way is yes but usually the way it works with marketing is we can replace a lot of the other tools and just make everything streamlined. What’s really kind of another side note with that is that I think we spoke a little bit about this earlier. Having HIPPA really makes the way that you hold your data. You really have to be cautious about how data is being handled and I have a few tools in my tool belt that can help you keep things separate that need to stay separated. What I mean is if you have patient data within your system you can still use that data for certain purposes while keeping it separated and keeping it secure. Does that make sense?

Barbara:           Well that’s really reassuring. In terms of knowledge, as doctors we are very knowledgeable about healing and we have certain expertise in regards to treating patients but using software isn’t usually one of those skillsets that doctors have. Do you offer training for medical practices to use your software?

Bobby:            Yes. Most of the software that I use have training built-in to them in super easy modules where you just kind of click through and you can navigate through certain things that you need. Having me as essentially your partner manager is kind of how I refer to it. I will understand what the business needs to know and point them in the right direction so that it is not something that takes as long as it took me to learn. So for instance, if you just want to make sure you’re the one who is building your emails or if you want to just do particular tasks that the system needs in order to operate I will point you to the proper modules so that you’ll just be able to understand that piece of it. Because sometimes, the reality of it is even the experts the software that we use is still overwhelming, especially if you’re using really effective software.

If you’re using something that is really effective it’s just going to have a lot of moving parts. With automation, there are so many moving parts. There are so many different ways to breakdown how valuable a lead is to where it’s like is this lead somebody you actually want to spend 30 minutes getting on a call with and talking about how you can help them or is this maybe a lead that you want to have take only 10 minutes just to sort of do a discovery call or what the current condition of the patient is. Does that make sense? Am I going in the right direction?

Barbara:           Yes, it does. A lot of doctors really are concerned about the digital reputation these days; how many stars they get and the reviews but we don’t always have time to constantly go online to monitor it. Having software that could monitor that system and let me know about the digital reputation so that I could do something about it would be very helpful. Do you integrate software that could help doctors with that?

Bobby:            Of course, and you are absolutely right. Think of how if you’re going to look and you want to have pizza and you go onto Yelp, how long do you take to make a decision for that pizza? Some people make it really quick.

If you’re in a situation where you’ve got a sinus infection you are like in the mode where you’re like I need to get this figured out quick. I’m new to this area you’re going to go through and you’re going to look through Yelp and you’re going to find the doctor’s office that is closest and you’re going to go to that one.

Or if you’re going to go on Teledoc online you’re going to go through really quickly and try to find someone who has the highest ratings and you’re going to make that decision really quick. You want to make sure that if somebody does happen to go onto your Yelp, before they even opt-in to receive communications from you you’re going to want to make sure that that rating is taken care of. You’re going to also want to make sure that all of that information is accurate. I integrate with specific tools that help you not only automate the interaction where it’s like if somebody leaves you a bad review, you follow-up with them and ask them what you can do to help make it right. But also, the listing.

Make sure that the listing is consistent because if you want to appear top on Goggle there are a lot of really, really simple tweaks that can go into making you appear higher where you don’t even have to go into all of the…everything depends on the landscape of course, like where your practice is located, where your marketing is directed. The list goes on and on. There are a lot of really simple tweaks that could go into making you appear higher on searches that the competition just doesn’t do. Once you do it like making your entire listing across every single database that has the option of having a listing make all of those consistent. Just doing that alone will often times boost your SEO above your competitors. That’s the way that SEO really works, right?

I don’t want to get really too far into the weeds with SEO because anyone who knows a lot about SEO is it’s like going down a rabbit hole. I went through a webinar a few weeks ago. It was a 7 hour webinar talking about SEO.

Barbara:           Oh my. Well it can get quite technical these days. For listeners that don’t know what SEO is its Search Engine Optimization. It’s a way that you’re telling the website as well as the viewer what it is that you do or what it is that you stand for.

Bobby:            Right. That is very well put. Just to kind of cap that off, it’s one of those things that you can keep going and going and going but there are certain tools that you can use. They’re automated and they help you beat the competition. That is really what it is. It’s a competition of who is going to appear first to the client that is searching for you.

Barbara:           For all of those listeners that are intrigued and are saying wow I need to look further into this, how can they reach you?

Bobby:   That is the best way to set up a demo or get a hold of me.

Barbara:           That’s excellent. We have been listening to Bobby Brodney at Marketing Tips for Doctors. This is your host Dr. Barbara Hales. Until next time…


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