In this episode, Barbara and Jude discuss:

  • Leveraging your content through roadmapping.
  • Jude’s business evolution and discovery of video storytelling to build deeper connections.
  • Investing in yourself to grow your business and further serve your clients.


Key Takeaways:

  • Asking questions to unravel your story and who you are is how you can leverage your content.
  • Roadmapping can help you to understand what you want in your business for the long game.
  • A big dream does not appear in a small life – when you are creating a business, it is going to take an ability to stretch and get outside your comfort zone.


“What it took was for me to get out of my own small thinking, to get outside of my own way, to invest in myself, then once I’ve invested myself, I can take myself to higher heights and really, truly dream big.” —  Jude Charles


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