In this episode, Barbara and Clint Arthur discuss:  

  • How to become a celebrity entrepreneur in five steps. 
  • Why becoming a bestselling author and award recipient builds credibility as an expert in your field. 
  • What local TV, news, and talk show appearances mean to your customers and prospective clients. 


Key Takeaways:  

  • If you don’t have good enough marketing, then the people who are supposed to find you are not able to. 
  • Celebrity attachment, photos with famous people, influences your status as a celebrity entrepreneur. 
  • Being a celebrity entrepreneur solidifies your positioning in the market and will attract more clients to enroll in your programs and practice. 


“If you believe in what you’re doing, then you owe it not just to yourself, but to the people you serve, to get the best marketing you can and put it out there in the most effective way possible so that you can help the people you are here to help.” –  Clint Arthur  


011 Clint Arthur- From Expert to Celebrity (Part 2)

Barbara Hales:             We’re here again today with Clinton Arthur, the celebrity entrepreneur, and as you remember, the one that is going to get you to become a celebrity in your field. Clint, I hear that you have some new things going on these days with your methodology. Can you tell us a bit about it?

Clint Arthur:               It’s super exciting, Barbara. I came out with my new book, Celebrity Entrepreneurship, and it’s really just summation of my whole life. I put my whole life in this book. I wrote the book because I’ve been using these different techniques, and then, when I was getting ready to publish the book, I, unfortunately, found out about the death of one of my friend’s father’s. And when I was flying out to California for the funeral, I started writing about him and my relationship with him and how he changed my life, and I realized that he had been the major influence in my whole life. He had been the one who got me interested in becoming a movie star and a filmmaker and was really the impetus for me to move to California a long, long time ago to pursue the Hollywood dream. And then, he won an Academy Award. You probably saw his first movie, which was called Porky’s. Remember that movie?

Barbara Hales:             Oh, yes. Everybody heard about that movie.

Clint Arthur:               Everybody knew that movie.

Barbara Hales:             Yeah.

Clint Arthur:               That was the fifth highest grossing movie of 1982, but that’s not going to win any Academy Awards. But when I went out there in 1984, I saw his movie Platoon as a screening…

Barbara Hales:             Another great movie.

Clint Arthur:               …before it even came out. And then, he won the Academy Award for Platoon. And man, oh man, oh man. That made him a celebrity entrepreneur. And when I looked at his career and the things that he accomplished as a result of Platoon, which made him the go-to producer in Hollywood. After that, he produced The Fugitive with Harrison Ford, the Devil’s Advocate with Al Pacino and Keanu Reeves, Eraser with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Murder at 1600 with Wesley Snipes, Falling Down with Michael Douglas. All of these movies you know, he produced 29 feature films with box office totaling $3 billion, and it’s all on the back of him using the exact same techniques that I wrote about in my book, Celebrity Entrepreneurship.

So, what are those techniques? Well, obviously, the first technique is television. He went on TV to accept the Academy Award for best picture for Platoon, and unfortunately, you and I are most likely not going to go on a major broadcast like that to get an award. However, what I’ve found is that going on local TV news and talk shows, like I help people do and Celebrity Launchpad, is almost as good. And for you and me, and people like us, real people who are entrepreneurs who want to be celebrities in the eyes of customers and prospects, local TV news and talk shows is great.

Then, what’s the next part? Well, the next part is he gave a speech in an important place. That important place was the Academy Awards ceremony, and you and I are never going to get an Academy Award like that. We’re not going to give a speech like that, but you don’t have to give a speech in an Academy Award ceremony. What I have found is that by giving a speech someplace relatively important, like the Harvard Club of Boston, for example, or NASDAQ Stock Exchange in New York City, those are very important places that most people don’t get to give speeches at, and as a result of that, that’s a great way to help differentiate yourself and raise your status in the eyes of customers and prospects in crowded marketplaces. So, that’s the second part, which is VIP speaking, very important places.

What’s the third part of the formula? The next piece is what I call celebrity attachment. That’s when you’re in photos with famous people. If you go to my website,, you’ll see pictures of me with all kinds of famous people, including the Winklevoss twins, who created Facebook, and Anderson Cooper, Snoop Dog, Hoda Kotb, the host of The Today Show, even though she wasn’t the host wen I was on the show. When I was on the show, Brooke Shields was the host of the show with Willie Geist. I have pictures of those people on my website, but I went with one of my other clients when she was on The Today Show, and I coached her in studio. And that’s how I got my picture with Hoda Kotb.

This celebrity attachment stuff is amazing. And at my events that I hosted, the Harvard Club of Boston, I’ve had amazing celebrities, including Caitlyn Jenner last year and the most interesting man in the world. And this year, I’m doing one at the end of June, and Suzanne Somers is going to be the celebrity guest. I arranged for my clients, at that event, not only to speak at the Harvard Club of Boston, but also to get photos of themselves on the stage alone with Suzanne Somers in front of a large audience. And that’s a very high-status celebrity attachment photo that I provide for my clients, and it’s an amazing element of my celebrity entrepreneurship formula.

And the fourth element is to have an award. Now, like I said, we’re not going to win Academy Awards, but we don’t need to win Academy Awards. Any award is better than nothing, and I’ve been amazed. Lisa Sasevich, the coach?

Barbara Hales:             Yes.

Clint Arthur:               Lisa Sasevich came to my Harvard event in 2015, and I gave her an award there. And for a long time, Lisa Sasevich had my award that I gave her on her bio, listed before her Inc. 500 award. Why? Because I gave it to her at the Harvard Faculty Club.

Barbara Hales:             I certainly would put it on bio.

Clint Arthur:               Yeah, of course. And I love to give awards to my clients. And it all began when one of my clients called me up, the first Harvard event. And he goes, “Hey Clint, I want you to give me an award at Harvard.” And I said, “Well, that’s very cocky of you. What’s this all about?” And he said, “Well, I’m in the window blind business, and I only sell cordless window blinds because every year, children all around the world are needlessly slaughtered in cord strangulation accidents. And if you give me an award at your Harvard event, that would help me to be recognized for this humanitarian work that I do, and maybe we could save a kid’s life.” And I thought, “That is awesome.” And if I give awards to most of my clients, or all of my clients, then maybe I can save even more lives. So, that’s what we’ve been doing. I’ve been giving out a lot of awards to people, and it’s been really fantastic. So, that’s the fourth element.

Then, the fifth element after awards is to be a bestselling author. Now, of course, we’d all like to have a number one New York Times bestselling book, like Kellyann Petrucci’s had two New York Times bestsellers. But you don’t even have to have a New York Times bestselling book. You just need a bestselling book, any kind of bestselling book, and Amazon makes that really easy. If you’re not a bestselling author today, you’re not working hard enough. You’re not trying and hard enough. You got to be a bestselling author today. Amazon makes it so easy to put that moniker into your marketing. Bestselling author of What They Teach You at the Wharton Business School and Speaking Game, those are Amazon best sellers.

But I also include that as part of my Harvard package. We take all the stories from the conferences, we compile them into a book, and I make that a best seller on Amazon. Now, it’s not the same as having your own book, but a lot of people don’t have their own book, and I have found that just being a bestselling author, even a group chapter book, when you have a chapter in a group book, that’s better than nothing. So, those are the main elements of celebrity entrepreneurship, and I wrote about it in my book, Celebrity Entrepreneurship.

Barbara Hales:             Well, these are really fantastic opportunities, and I suggest that everybody listening to this show today run out and get that book before it is out of print.

Clint Arthur:               It really is a great book. I tell you. I’ve put my whole life into it. It’s a hard cover with full color photos throughout the book. You’ve never seen a book like this before. It’s amazing, and I’m really proud of it.

Barbara Hales:             Well, see that for everybody that doesn’t read every word, you got pictures to look at too.

Clint Arthur:               Oh yeah. Oh yeah. I got all kinds of great photos in there. Yeah.

Barbara Hales:             Okay. So, for those people that say becoming a celebrity might not be for me. I just want to point out that, by becoming a celebrity, you help more people and share your message, so that you could get two more patients and help them to heal and save the world as it were. People will seek you out for the services that you provide rather than your competitors. And if you were to take advantage of the experience and the knowledge that Clint Arthur has, you will only benefit and see your medical practice and business thrive and escalate exponentially.

Clint Arthur:               This is another angle that you haven’t identified, and it was brought to my attention by Dr. Bowtie, who is a… He calls it. What is it when you have diabetes and your nerves start tingling?

Barbara Hales:             Well, that is a diabetic neuropathy.

Clint Arthur:               Neuropathy. Yes. Neuropathy. He’s a neuropathy pain specialist, and what he told me is that because he’s going on all the TV, not only are more people calling him up and wanting him to help them, but also when they come in, it’s a lot easier to close them into his wellness programs, or his neuropathy repair programs, or whatever he’s doing, because they believe in him more. Because he’s a quote-on-quote celebrity on TV, and keep in mind, you’re never going to be Kanye. You’re never going to be Dr. Oz. You’re never going to be Kim Kardashian or Lady Gaga, but you don’t have to be. If you’re on TV, on a TV news or talk show, for the vast majority of the American public, you’re enough of a celebrity.

And all we’re trying to do with celebrity entrepreneurship is utilize my methodologies to really solidify your positioning, your claim, to be way more of a celebrity than your competition down the road. And here’s the best part is that not only will the people enroll in your programs more readily, your closing percentages will go up. But what warms my heart the most is that they will actually carry out your prescriptions. They will actually do what you tell them because they’re more excited to be in treatment with a celebrity doctor, then they would be if it was just some Joe Schmoe doctor in a polo shirt and jeans down the street. Imagine how excited you would be if Dr. Oz was your doctor. Well, to the average American, that’s what it’s going to be like when they see you and all of this celebrity entrepreneurship marketing that I’ve been talking about on this episode, and the previous one, deployed on your website, in your waiting room, in your postcard mailings that you do, in your social media.

All of this stuff adds up to be quite potent, and the great thing is that it’s really not that expensive to do most of for all of this stuff. It’s really something that you have to invest in yourself, your practice, your marketing, and your personal professional and spiritual transformation as a healer.

Barbara Hales:             Well, Clint, he certainly had the right idea that this is a fantastic tool to help physicians and clients and business people really have more success at doing what they do. They don’t have to be a movie star. They just have to have the celebrity to boost their practice and their business, so that they could treat people, heal the world, and have more success in their practice. Growing their practice by having celebrity really makes a big difference.

Clint Arthur:               It’s a very virtuous circle. It really is. It helps them. It helps you. It helps the whole world. It’s a great thing. The worst part is if you don’t have good enough marketing, then the people who are supposed to find their way to you are not going to find you, and they’re going to end up with some quake or charlatan down the road who’s not nearly as good as you but who has better marketing than you. If you really believe in what you’re doing, you owe it to not just yourself, but to the people you serve, to get the best marketing you can and put it out there in the most effective way possible, so that you can help the people you are here to help.

Barbara Hales:             I couldn’t have said it better myself. That is really a fantastic way to put it. So, could you please review you with the listeners how they could get in touch with you?

Clint Arthur:               Yeah, please go to Clint like Clint Eastwood, Arthur, like the King dot TV, because it really does begin and end and never stops on television. People say, “When is there enough TV? When do you have enough TV?” To me? When does the shark stop swimming? When he’s dead. And that’s when I’m going to stop going on TV. I’m going to always go on TV. I love it.

Barbara Hales:             Well, thank you. It was a real pleasure having you here today.



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