In this episode, Barbara and Clint Arthur discuss:  

  • What celebrity entrepreneurship means for your customers and business prospects. 
  • The Celebrity Launchpad program and the transformation from entrepreneurial expert to celebrity in your field.    
  • Acceptance process into the Celebrity Launchpad program, success rate, and money-back guarantee. 


Key Takeaways:  

  • The goal is to appear as a celebrity to your customers and prospects, so you get most of the business and not your competitors. 
  • Clients are taught the formula for what needs to go into a TV segment that makes producers excited and can pitch to producers during a Celebrity Launchpad event. 
  • You must have a high priced, high-quality product; these are the ones who are doing the best. 


“Who you are is more important than what you actually do.” –  Clint Arthur  


010 Clint Arthur- From Expert to Celebrity (Part 1)

Barbara Hales:             Clint Arthur is a celebrity entrepreneur and the number one bestselling author of What They Teach You At The Wharton Business School, as well as Speaking Game, Seven Figures Secrets Revealed, and Celebrity Entrepreneurship. He and his work inspired the feature documentary Celebrity Entrepreneur an official selection in 10 plus film festivals and competitions. Clint transforms experts into celebrities in the eyes of customers and prospects using his mathematical formula for impact, influence, income, and celebrity expert authority personality brand. Clint Arthur has group coaching and runs live events called Celebrity Launchpads. As a matter of fact, I went to a Celebrity Launchpad featured on several national TV stations. Welcome Clint, it’s a pleasure to have you here today. So, what are you doing with yourself these days?

Clint Arthur:               Ah, it’s so good to be with you, Barbara. It’s been a long time and it’s great to hear your voice and great to reconnect with you. And I’ve been doing a lot of Celebrity Launchpads. Like what number did you come to you remember?

Barbara Hales:             No.

Clint Arthur:               Gosh, what year was it, 2014 something like that?

Barbara Hales:             Something like that. And I have had a lot of mileage out of what you taught us.

Clint Arthur:               Fantastic. Well, we just did our 43rd Celebrity Launchpad a couple weeks ago.

Barbara Hales:             Wow.

Clint Arthur:               And it’s been amazing. I mean, I’ve had the great privilege to work with about 600 authors, speakers, coaches, experts of all different kinds. We’ve come through Celebrity Launchpad and those students of mine book themselves on more than 4,359 television appearances with ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox that I’m aware of so far. Including every big show, Dr. Oz, Good Morning America, Today Show, CNN, Headline News, Fox Business Channel. We’ve been in all the shows and it’s really been an amazing experience and a lot of fun connecting with so many passionate people who really care about having more impact, influence. And income.

Barbara Hales:             That’s great. Is there anybody that has worked with you that has become a celebrity that we’ve heard of?

Clint Arthur:               Well, look, I want you to understand what celebrity entrepreneurship really means. It’s very important that you understand because you’re never going to be Kanye West or lady Gaga. It’s never going to happen. The goal of the work that we do is for you to appear to be a celebrity in the eyes of your customers and prospects. And if you can just seem to be more of a “celebrity” in their eyes than your competition, then you’re going to get most of the pie and your competition is going to fight over the scraps.

Barbara Hales:             Well, that’s the really so important, but how do you help clients package their message in a way that is media ready?

Clint Arthur:               Okay, well I’ve created a formula for what needs to go into a TV segment that makes producers excited. And what happens is the students learn the formula and the pitch and when they come to Celebrity Launchpad, I create the pitch and then I bring in my friends who are producers at ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox shows. As you’re aware, and you pitch them during the weekend and during the weekend you poke yourself on a bunch of shows and depending on how successful you are, then you will either come back again or continue on your way.

Like, for example, there was one of my students named Dr. Kellyann Petrucci. And Kellyann came back her second time and did really well. I mean she did really good the first time, but she came back again and got the, the main show she didn’t get, which was Fox LA. And then once she was on Fox LA, she got Sugar Ray Leonard as her client and then she got on Good Morning America and Dr. Oz. And now Kellyann is on Dr. Oz all the time. She’s on at least once a month on Dr. Oz, so that’s been a pretty good one. Then we have Hal Elrod. Where you in the… I don’t know if you were in the class with Hal Elrod.

Barbara Hales:             No, I don’t think so.

Clint Arthur:               He created a book called The Miracle Morning and a lot of people know that book. I think he has sold more than half a million copies around the world. Self-published. Self-publishing success phenomenon. And the great thing is that when he enrolled for Celebrity Launchpad, he called me up the next day and said, “I’m sorry Clint, I talked it over with my wife Ursula, and we realized we just can’t afford to come.” And I said, “No, Hal you’ve got to come.” And we worked out a payment plan for him that they can… He booked a whole bunch of shows and ever since then he’s been off to the races on the back of television.

And TV is so great because it creates these evergreen marketing videos for you that you put on YouTube, you put them on social media, you keep reusing them. Whenever I get a video that pops up on my social media feed or my Facebook feed as a memory, I just share it out again, and people don’t care. They want to watch, they want to watch good video and that’s what you get when you’re on TV. You get good videos.

Barbara Hales:             What about a potential client that says to you, “Clint, I love the concept and I know that there are so many benefits to being a celebrity, but I’m a Pathologist and I don’t do anything that TV would find really exciting.” What would you say to a person like that?

Clint Arthur:               I would say you don’t know anything. You don’t know anything about TV. I knew everything about TV. I mean I have not worked with one client yet who I haven’t been able to make this work for. I know exactly what things producers need to have their hot buttons pushed and to make them interested in putting my friends on their shows.

And I would not accept anybody into Celebrity Launchpad if I didn’t think they were going to succeed because I have a money back plus $1,000 guarantee. When you were there, I think our guarantee was not as strong. We used to have the money back plus $500 guarantee that you would book two shows, but now it’s up to three shows because we’ve realized that everybody gets four bookings or more during the weekend and especially since I’ve gotten really good at this and I don’t take anybody’s money just to give them a refund. That’s not what going to happen. I won’t take anybody if they’re not going to be successful. If you’re hearing this and you think TV might be good for you, I would encourage you just to apply for Celebrity Launchpad and let me be the judge of that because I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is. If I think you’re good enough to do it, I’ll guarantee that you’re going to get results. And I have never failed yet.

Barbara Hales:             Well, when I, when I was very happy not to get a refund or take your money because I did get booked on several shows and it was really such a great experience.

Clint Arthur:               Yeah, it’s a lot of fun. And for a lot of people… I’m about to start my own new radio program here in New York City on 77 WABC radio on A.M. 770. And it’s the number one radio station in New York for talk radio. And I’m really excited because they said, “What’s your show going to be about Clint?” And I said, “My show is going to be about exactly what Celebrity Launchpad is about and exactly what all my other work is about. And I’m excited to tell you about the other stuff I’ve been doing too since Celebrity Launchpad because I’ve added a lot of really cool stuff to help people become celebrities in the eyes of customers and prospects. And what Celebrity Launchpad is about and what my other work is about is personal professional and spiritual transformation.

And what I have found for a lot of my clients is they come wanting help with their marketing. They want to be more successful in their business. So, they come for Celebrity Launchpad. But what happens is you go out on the media tour that you book as part of your Celebrity Launchpad transformation and you’re going to start walking into TV stations and talking to people differently and people are going to look at you differently because you have more charisma and you have more confidence and poise and you’re a better speaker, you become a better speaker. That’s really the main goal of Celebrity Launchpad is to make you a master communicator. And what happens is you go on a media tour and what you get is a lot of personal transformation as a result. And then in an ideal situation when you’re on the media tour, you have all this time by yourself on planes, in hotels, walking around the cities, doing whatever you’re doing, and it forces you to really look at why am I doing this?

What is this really all about? And that’s where the spiritual transformation comes. Because if you can really identify your reason for being here and what this is really all about, I think that’s what spiritual existence is all about. What do you think?

Barbara Hales:             Well, I think that’s true Clint, and I’m really stoked to hear about the new radio show that you’re going to be having. What a great new experience for you.

Clint Arthur:               Oh yeah, I’m really, really excited about it. And I’ve been doing my… Part of Celebrity Launchpad has been my weekly coaching webinars. Remember those?

Barbara Hales:             Yes, absolutely. Very helpful.

Clint Arthur:               I’ve been doing these webinars every week since 2012 I haven’t missed one week. And it started out as a three hour and then it went to a two hour and now it’s 90 minutes. I’ve been doing at least 90 minutes a week for almost six years and it’s been great.

Barbara Hales:             How can our listeners get a hold of one of your webinars?

Clint Arthur:               The webinars are really only for the students.

Barbara Hales:             Oh okay.

Clint Arthur:               Yeah.

Barbara Hales:             So, what tips can you give our listeners to prepare their messages for public consumption or at least to think about what their message would be when they speak to you?

Clint Arthur:               Here’s the biggest thing and that is who you are is more important than what you actually do. And when I was at the Wharton Business School, you said one of my best-selling books is What They Teach At The Wharton Business School, one of the most important things I learned at the Wharton Business School was, you have to have a high price, high quality product. If you look around in the marketplace, the people who have high price, high quality products are the ones who are doing the best. It’s a basic assumption of business that you should have a high-quality product and you’ll either find out or go out of business that your high quality products should be priced high. That’s Wharton Business School.

Barbara Hales:             Well, that certainly makes a lot of sense. How can our listeners reach you?

Clint Arthur:               Well, go to ClintArthur.TV, Clint like Clint Eastwood, Arthur like the King, dot TV. Because I love television. That’s where everything is. And that’s how it is.

Barbara Hales:             Well, thank you so much for talking with us today. I’m sure that our listeners are going to be very eager to learn more about what you have to offer, and I think that they’re going to be very excited about becoming a celebrity for themselves so that they could strengthen their brand and increase their visibility and boost their search engine rankings.


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