Yesterday, amid shock by the community and workers within the medical supply company itself, a Boca Raton, Florida medical supplies company with ties to Wall Street “Wolf” was raided by an FBI pack, storming through the doors.

Med-Care, which was the subject of a hearing by the Senate Subcommittee on Financial and Contracting Oversight in April 2013, is now the focus due to a fraud accusation leading to an impending lawsuit by a whistleblower. The issue revolves around Danny Porush, who was convicted of insider trading, perjury and conspiracy, being an owner as opposed to the listed managing employee.

Dramatic true but it also illustrates an important point.

The real issue

Legislation was enacted last year with  Senator Bill Nelson to stop Medicare scams.

This means that you and your charges will be scrutinized under the microscope and if your billing is inaccurate, you will also be put under the bus.

Perhaps the billing is not intentional.  Perhaps your system makes coding errors.  You may have an independent billing company that just sends you the reports and you don’t look them over carefully or cross-reference them.

Medicare sends you the check and you deposit it into the office account. All is well and everyone is happy.  Until that is, that a committee from the CMS offices discovers the “glitch” which has caused paying overages in the thousands.  In addition to demanding a refund back to CMS (which you may ill-afford), they can now take it one step further and the type of fame and notoriety that you receive may not be the type you were interested in, including new digs for you.

Sends shivers up your spine?  It does to me!  The “scam” may not be intentional but that may also be immaterial. It means that you better check your EHR system, your coding, your billing and make sure that everything is pristine.

If not, you may be the next one they make an example out of.  Watch out…they’re coming for you!