As discussed in yesterday’s blog post, case studies make great tools in your arsenal to grow your business, practice and boost your authority.

Case Study Formula

There is a simple formula to having your case study appeal to readers:

  1. Determine what your case will be about.  Then make sure that all of your information is organized in such a way that readers can easily identify with what the issue at hand is while also coming to a conclusion about it.
  2. Choose a “case site”- Think of a location, an organization, company or someone who is dealing with that problem.  Then go ahead and set up interviews with these people. Everyone that you interview should be involved with the same company or organization (your case site).   They can be workers, volunteers or clients with an interest in solving the problem you have chosen.
  3. Begin your interviewing process.  Talk to individuals at your case site about the problem you choose.
  4. Analyze the information that you have put together through various research.
  5. Write the case study.  Make sure it has the following information:
  • Introduction to the problem
  • Background on the case
  • The next several sections should be specifically about the problem as it pertains to the case
  • Satisfying Conclusion

6. The objective here is to feature your company’s overall capabilities while solving a general business problem.

Case studies can determine life or death for a company’s credibility.

What is a problem without a solution?

Be consistent with organizing your information.  Whatever you decide to write about, make sure to stick with it.  Organize your information in such a way that it is easy enough for your readers to identify what is going on.  By doing this, not only does it make your case study easier for the reader to grasp but it also makes it easier for you to write.

Tips and Pointers

Identify your problem and solution

Do research, research, research and then more research so that you have all the information including quotes and success stories.

Incorporate enough information that the readers can easily identify what is going on.

Interviewing the people that know the place the best will be the most beneficial to your case story.  This includes inventors of medical devices, owners of companies, consumers of companies.

Do’t forget to include a hook for your readers right away so that you’re able to keep their attention throughout the Case Study.

Your case NEEDS a conclusion, but rather than just giving it to readers, ask more questions that will lead them to their own conclusion.

Make sure that your Case Study can appeal to most if not all audiences.

Need Help?

Would you like a case study based on the success of your practice?  I would be happy to do this for you.  Contact me at Barbara@TheMedicalStrategist and we can discuss your needs.