Holy Triad for Marketing Campaign Success

Email campaigns, Search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing naturally go hand-in-hand when it comes to getting you noticed and your message across to those that will benefit the most from your services. This is a great Plan to Get Noticed (TM).  Studies show that the strategy that works with both content and SEO—like email marketing enables your message to be viewed across several channels.

Creating high-quality content enables you to optimize your site for keywords, establish new pages that boosts ranking in search results, and gets greater inbound links. The higher your search rankings, the more people come to your site, meaning your content gets more exposure.

Benefits of Email Marketing Campaigns

Cost Savings

 Email marketing shows an ROI more than four times higher that of social media which many competitors are spending time on.  You can run an email campaign with a free mailing platform to start, until you have built up your data list. Platform examples are Icontact, Mailchimp and ConstantContact.

Content Dissemination

Emailing  subscribers gives you the opportunity to show your  recent work, new procedures or techniques that you are now offering, and new breakthroughs in your field. You can have a feature of the week or month that discusses a new disease outbreak, or the most frequent question asked over this time period.  Readers will engage with it and share with friends and family.

Subscriber List

Provide opportunities to subscribe to your email list everywhere, including an RSS feed button, across your website pages and social media profiles. By consistently adding relevant and fresh content, engaging with your audience, your subscriber base will continually grow.   For ideas on how to grow your email list, see 50 Proven Ways To Grow Your Email List.

Inbound Links 

Inbound links drive traffic to your website and  without a strong link profile you will be buried when it comes to search results. The more reads and shares that your emails garner, the more attention your site will get and the more new links will attach to you. You can ask for shares and inspire your viewers to share your information with their own followers.

Social Media Followers 

Embed links to your social media accounts in your email blasts.  This will enable your subscribers to follow your brand on social media channels, and foster greater customer engagement.   Social media  won’t improve your SEO results directly, but they may boost your SEO by increasing your content’s visibility and reach, allowing for more inbound links.

How to Start

Starting Tips:
  • Show value- All your email messages should offer  value to your audience. Give them solutions for problems they are struggling with, great content and news that they haven’t seen elsewhere. Make it relevant to your viewers and in sync with your services.
  • Build a strong subscriber list- The bigger your database, the greater reach your content will have. The thing is, your subscribers must be from people that have virtually raised their hands and said that they are interested in receiving messages from you.  Buying lists in the hope of having larger readership won’t work and  this is often a mistake. They may view it as spam and you can get red-flagged which may result in an inability to send out new campaigns.
  • Don’t be a spammer-   Less is more. Sending out emails too often will make your viewers feel spammed and they will either ignore you or unsubscribe.
  • Look at Analytics and A/B Split tests-  Dare to shake it up and be different. Vary designs, headlines, and type of content.  Check the analytics to see which types were the most popular and the ones that didn’t work you simply don’t repeat.  This is a way of developing a strategy that works well with your audience for the future and fulfills their needs while enhancing engagement.

Using the ” Triad of Marketing” together is even more valuable than the sum of their parts.

If you have no time to engage in marketing your business with these strategies, don’t worry.  Outsource it!  Get your free consultation at Barbara@TheMedicalStrategist.  We can discuss your needs and how to move forward in a comfortable way for you.