As I sat in the waiting room with my spouse, I looked around.  The place was packed!  Yet no one seemed disturbed at the prospect of waiting an hour for the visit.  No one paced or ranted.  No one even glanced at a watch.

Everyone there knew that if they sought medical care at a different office, they might walk in and be taken on time, or at least close to the time the appointment was scheduled for.  So, why would everyone there wait?  Yes, the doctor was very skilled.  He was board certified in his specialty.  Yet, in this neighborhood, there were others to choose generic name for ventolin hfa from.  He was recommended but others get recommended also.  The office staff was accommodating, respectful and nice.  They knew each patient by name and a little about each one.  Hopefully other offices are like this too.

That’s when it hit me.  His “thing” or what made him unique is the time that he spent with each patient.  When “face time” had become premium, this doctor provided all the time each patient felt necessary. (without being a concierge service)  Patients truly felt that the doctor “cared”.  In this day and age,  this is what made him unique.  What’s yours?

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