Who actually are the digital health innovators these days?  (Hint- everyday names that might surprise you!)

In addition to Apple who has been on the forefront of wearables such as the iWatch and iHealth, there are 3 companies who are leading the way in digital health as they strive to provide greater access to the best health care.

They include the following:


This chain is opening ourhealthissues.com online pharmacies, clinics and even its own insurance coverage. Coverage includes stellar opportunities for employees to fly to the Mayo clinic or other well-known medical facilities.

This company has implemented the Grand Rounds program- a digital platform that amasses employee health data and forwards it on to the Mayo Clinic or to specialists at other health facilities, giving employees access to the best care.

A highlight to the program is providing second opinions which has thwarted the use of unnecessary expensive procedures.

Trevor Price of Oxeon claims that the “system with  digital health has potentially saved the system hundreds of millions of dollars.”



Google and Johnson & Johnson formed an alliance to develop an advanced, robot-assisted surgery platform. “Between its nanotechnology and advanced algorithms to make sense of all available data”, Cadient’s Chris Mycek believes “Google might end up being the world’s biggest healthcare company.”

Which innovators would you add to the list?   Share your thoughts with us and comment  below!