When your patients and family monopolize more time than you possess and you realize that you just can’t seem to maintain consistency with your blog posts or when they become an added chore, the simple solution is to outsource it! The  thing is, how do you find the “write person” for you- the one that can write it the way that you do, in your voice?

Here’s everything you need to know

Reason to Outsource Your Content

Most successful CEOs and high-level professionals don’t actually write their own content.

Consider it when:

  • You’re busy focusing on your practice
  • You’re overwhelmed with content production management.
  • Your strength is in healthcare, not writing
  • You’re happy to invest in high-quality content.

When you enlist the aid of content marketers for your practice and website, you can rest easy, knowing that the blog content will not only be written but marketed properly as well. Engaging topic ideas are created for you and analytics will show which ones have been successful.

Blog and Content Marketers

The professional writer that you hire is not just a producer of content.  He/she is also an experienced expert in how to create the content in an effective way that increases readership, strengthens your brand, boosts your search engine ranking and grows your practice through increased visibility.  The topics are in sync with your services and the wording seemingly in your voice, is done in an effective way to entice readers to become prospective patients. In addition to blog posts and web content, your professional writer will engage people on social media and create guides, eBooks, video scripts and articles for publication. You’ll even get press releases about yourself.

The best part is that you get the byline, and have publication rights, not the writer you’ve hired.

How do You Know Who to hire?

When looking to outsource your content, look for these traits in the agency or professional writers- They’re:

  • Familiar with your medical services and jargon
  • Understand your voice and tone, and can adapt to it
  • Know what the FDA and HIPAA guidelines are for what can appear in print
  • Know about SEO, SERPs, and CTAs
  • Engaging, rather than being dull and factual
  • Up-to-date on your industry for valuable topic ideation
  • Perceptive and ask questions to add value and interest levels
  • Time-savers for you
  • Skilled editors, able to write well, and turn interviews, data and insights into concise, engaging pieces
  • Have valid testimonials

Where to get your outsourced content creator and health marketer

You can find your “new voice” either through a content marketing agency or through a content marketing search on Google or even better through LinkedIn. This is a site for professionals networking to each other and they are both reachable and approachable.

Ask your contenders about their process and experience.  Find out what makes them knowledgeable about your field and how long they have been involved in it. Review any samples or work that they have done in the past and review testimonials that they can provide.

No Surprises

There should be no second-guessing or surprises as to what is expected on either side.  After an in-depth discussion about your needs, a contract should be drawn up to make your demands legalized.  This way you avoid confusion.

If you need help or would like to discuss this further, please call for a free 20 minute consultation at 516-647-3002.  Speak to you soon!