What do your Patients Want?

Before putting out content each day, obviously you want it to be content that is wanted, noticed and read rather than discarded.  Think of the problems that your patients are struggling with and provide the solutions to these problems.  This makes it patient centric as opposed to information that you think should be published. Also consider that the information that you put out is in sync with the type of services that you provide.  If you are in gynecology, you wouldn’t want to put out the latest treatment for prostate, for example.

Write for the Masses


Patients scroll through the information on their tablets or smartphones while on the phone, waiting for a cab or while in a waiting room. They’re scanning at the headlines and clicking on those that are relevant and captivating. A full 85% of skimmers only click on an article if the headline grabs them.  Only 4% will stay on the site if it is fascinating or appealing.

Compelling content will feature:

  • Bulletpoints
  • Recaps and Summaries
  • 8th grade reading level
  • Short chunks
  • Short paragraphs (aim for 2-3 sentences)
  • infographics
  • Videos
  • Photos


Content should not read like advice or advertisements.  People don’t want to be scolded like children or sold to.  They simply want information and a new point of view. Most of all, patients are interested in knowing what their options are for healthcare decisions.  Patients want to understand why procedures are done, what the contraindications are and how to better understand medical conditions.

Remember though, you must keep the information non personal.  If someone asks questions referring to personal problems, they should be directed to a medical consultation directly rather than answer it online which can be a violation of HIPAA codes.


Avenues for Valuable Content

Consider which social media sites your patients like to visit on a regular basis.

Places to post your content may include:

  • Blog posts
  • YouTube videos- short how-to videos
  • Email campaigns- information on services or new services that you provide, or medical breakthroughs
  • Instagram- posting pictures of staff members with their bios, the office premises, medical equipment
  • Pinterest- posting helpful infographics
  • Facebook page
  • Forums/Chatrooms- address a problem that is trending on the site in a professional but general way for educational purposes

Make your posts helpful and friendly. This in turn will grow a practice because, let’s face it, patients want helpful and friendly.  You could be it!

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